I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with French DIY home design store, Leroy Merlin to transform three areas in my home, including; a plain white wall in between the bedrooms in the living area, my boring outdoor balcony area, as well as our master bathroom.

I’m not a huge DIY fan and tend to feel frazzled with renovations or home projects of any kind, but I can honestly say that this process with Leroy Merlin has been so smooth and simple. The company prides itself in empowering people to take on their own DIY projects by supplying all the necessary instructions, tools and products in convenient home kits, which has been fantastic.

I’ve been so excited to update our master bathroom and I can’t wait to share the results of this mini project with you…

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The space: our master bathroom

The toilet area before: 

Because our bedroom and bathroom are one open plan design, it’s important to me that they match, look neat and tidy and flow as one continuous space. We also have plenty of mirrors in our bedroom – which makes the bathroom even more visible as you walk through the door.

Up until this point, our bathroom has been full of clutter – as we have our daughter Bella’s bath products, toys and toiletries in our bathroom too. Plus, it’s lacked adequate storage space and just hasn’t been practical to use.

In my opinion, the space is dull and boring and certainly doesn’t match our bedroom.

The plan:

Our new toilet area: 

This was a pretty straightforward project and one of my favourites to date. I worked with the Leroy Merlon team to add some practical, yet beautiful shelving to the area – so that we could store all our toiletries neatly. This immediately reduced the clutter in the space and made it look more spacious and minimal.

We also changed our toilet seat, upgraded our rug and added a few new bathroom accessories such as a dustbin, toilet brush and holder, and a soap dish and tumbler.

One of my favourite elements of this space is the sleek grey wallpaper we added behind the toilet, which just enhances the space beautifully.

The cost: 

Bathroom accessories: 

Total cost: R3,039

I’m so pleased with the final look and feel of our bathroom. It’s now clean, minimal and uncluttered without looking boring – it has some personality and matches our bedroom beautifully. I love how practical it is too. I know where everything is – and can pack all our toiletries away after use.

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August 07, 2019 — Tammy Jacks
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