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From our happy clients
I have had the best experience with bounti. I have been watching Tertia D and seeing her create a connection with movement that welcomes anyone, from all fitness levels, to come and enjoy a class.
— Lakin Morgan-Baatjies
For a marathon runner there is NO other exercise… Or so I thought! Boy, was I wrong! My rebounding journey started in 2020, and I've never looked back!
— Anke Terblanche
Not only have I fallen in love with rebounding, but I am also impressed with the products and services provided by Lisa's team! The products are amazing quality, and there are so many video downloads to choose from.
— Shelby Vieira
I simply love rebounding! Lisa and her amazing team have really changed my outlook on exercise. Before bouncing, all I did was run. I had knee pain, foot pain and did not tone at all. After starting rebounding classes, which incorporate various weights and accessories, I can't believe the change.
— Beryl Thomas
I started rebounding during lockdown. Through lots of hard work, eating right and consistent exercise, I’ve lost 13kgs so far. Rebounding has helped me build muscle, tone and is such a fun way to exercise. It has been the best investment in myself.
— Brenda Hopewell
I bought a Bungee Deluxe rebounder and have been loving it. I’ve also enjoyed chatting to Staf, the amazing service from Roxy, and meeting Lisa. What an inspiring team! I also bought the Body Kind Bra and leggings, plus my little rebounding shoes – love the store and the people.
— Meagan Borain
Lisa Raleigh’s online store and her Nicolway store are amazing. The service is excellent and so are all the amazing products. She also offers – fun, but challenging – daily, free online classes, with her team of super talented instructors. Lisa's staff are also so friendly and helpful, especially Cara. They’re always prepared to help and go out of their way to make each and every client happy.
— Christa Schreuder Klopper
I bought my bounti 2 months ago and it was the best investment in my health. I just love the programmes and the live zoom classes are incredible! I use my bounti daily – sometimes even 2x a day! It's strengthened my core (and my bladder post-kids), my lymph is no longer stagnant, I have more energy, and I’m getting fitter, while building leaner, longer muscles! I look forward to exercising every day! My kids love it too!
— Candice Everard
I absolutely LOVE Lisa & the bounti family! I've always been active and sporty, but rebounding has really brought a new spark to my love for exercise and fitness! Convenient, upbeat and the instructors really live the brand and always inspire me to be my happiest, fittest self!
— Chesney Sneyd
Lisa Raleigh continues to deliver in all areas! Be it fitness, athleisure, lifestyle or motivation! Her online portal of free live classes has been a game changer, especially for those living far away from studios/gyms that offer rebounding as a way of exercise!
— Anri van Zyl
I’ve been purchasing products from the Lisa Raleigh online store for over 18 months now. The quality of the products and services is phenomenal and keeps me coming back. Cara and Khumbu both go out of their way to assist their customers. What also appeals to me is that Lisa and Stafford are both very “hands on” in the business, and you can reach out to either of them. Although they are extremely busy, you will always get a reply.
— Angela Maud
I started my rebounding journey in May, and have been doing the programmes every day. I’ve never felt so good! Best of all, is that I now love to exercise… I would recommend rebounding to everyone!
— Yolandie Du Plessis
I can recommend this company with my eyes shut. They don't do anything unless it's perfectly executed. The staff are also incredible, and fully committed. My experience with Roxy was an absolute pleasure, She’s a real asset to the company.
— Venesse Bezuidenhout
I LOVE everything about rebounding! Lisa’s rebounders are so fantastic. You can definitely feel the difference! The classes are packed with all different types of full-body workouts… I seriously just LOVE it!
— Lorryn Greyling
Love the programmes, and how energised I feel after rebounding. Not to mention, my personal favourite from the Body Kind Range… The Body Kind Bra! It’s an absolute must-have. I have never experienced that level of support.
— Jome Gous
I have experienced so many positive changes in the last year of rebounding. I have lost body fat, I’m more toned, and I’m the fittest I have ever been. I couldn’t imagine life without rebounding, and on the days that I don’t bounce, I actually miss it. Lisa, you are a true inspiration, and your energy is contagious. You are so innovative, and always keep things interesting. Thank you for motivating, inspiring and challenging all of us. You have changed my life and I will forever be grateful.
— Tarryn Keefe
Lisa Raleigh focuses on a person holistically... It’s not just fitness with a cute outfit! The team is always willing to assist, friendly and helpful. Rebounding has made a positive difference in my life, improved the quality of my life, and consequently that of my family.
— Leazelle Duncan
I went to buy a Body Kind Bra and didn’t have many expectations, as I usually don’t get bras that fit me. I was SO surprised at how great this bra is sitting, and for the first time, I can run around with my kids and rebound without any pain. I have quite big breasts and thought it wouldn’t work for me, but this bra is the best bra I’ve ever had! Can’t wait for more!
— Shanel du Plessis
Really enjoyed the workout with Lisa on a recent trip to Johannesburg. Lisa also offers zoom classes for those who are not Joburg-based, and you still get the same experience. The classes are ideal for newbies and super-fit fitness enthusiasts.
— Liezel (online)
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Join Lisa Raleigh, along with our other incredibly talented bounti instructors, in Bryanston (Cnr Posthouse and Main Rd, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191), for exhilarating rebounding classes.

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