bounti x JumpSport Bungee | 350 Pro Rebounder

R 7,999.00

Please Note: This product is currently on Pre-Order and will be ready for dispatch in August (potentially sooner). 

Unlock the pinnacle of rebounding excellence with the bounti x JumpSport 350 PRO Rebounder.

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Crafted for enthusiasts seeking a professional-grade workout experience, this rebounder stands out with its exceptional quality and unbeatable warranties! Its features include the following:

  • An incredibly durable construction, which guarantees a remarkable 1.2 million bounce cycles, and entails a lifetime warranty on its frame and legs (for private use), as well as a 4-year warranty on its cords and mat (also for private use). All of its other components, including its hinges, have a 1-year warranty!
  • The versatile performance of this rebounder guarantees adjustable firmness, where you can choose between a medium or firm bounce
  • Ideal for people under 183cm in height, and accommodates a maximum weight capacity of up to 136kg
  • Has a premium design with its matte black 99cm steel frame that’s multi-layer powder coated
  • Stands tall with a height of 32cm and weighs 10kgs, providing ample support and stability during your most intense workouts
  • It has 36 elastic bungee cords, which you can adjust and customise for a personalised workout experience, that provide a responsive and dynamic bounce
  • Its no-tip, stable arched legs ensure safety during every session
  • Has an enhanced Lay-Flat Skirt Mat (82.55 cm), empowering you to bounce on the bungee cords, for extended usable jumping space

Benefits of this rebounder include the following:

  • Discover a bounce that is much easier on your body and joints compared to the average rebounder, ensuring an ultra-safe and effective exercise experience
  • Indulge in a gentle, smooth bounce that reduces stress and strain on your joints, providing a comfortable and enjoyable workout every time
  • Enjoy a rebounder that offers a larger bouncing space, allowing for more creativity and flexibility in your workout routines
  • It gives you a personalised bouncing experience, where you can enjoy a workout tailored to your preferences; ranging from a softer bounce for a more relaxed session to a firmer bounce for intense, calorie-burning workouts
  • The 350 PRO Rebounder's robust construction and superior build quality ensures longevity and unmatched performance, making it your trusted fitness partner for years to come!

Embark on your fitness journey with confidence – the bounti x JumpSport 350 PRO Rebounder is your gateway to low-impact, high-intensity workouts. Elevate your rebounding experience and invest in a fitness companion that stands the test of time!

JumpSport’s commitment to delivering the highest quality rebounders, with unmatched durability, ensures your peace of mind with every bounce. 

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