Special FOMO | FUSION Class with Silvia & Rulene - 60min

R 100.00

Silvia and Rulene's combined bounti Fusion Class FOMO Workout is a fantastic 60-minute rebounding experience! This workout is 100% downloadable, meaning you can enjoy this fusion fun totally offline, bouncing from absolutely anywhere at any time.

Dive into Silvia's invigorating GLO (stands for “Gorgeous Ladies Owning”) style of rebounding, designed especially for the fabulous ladies in their late 50s and 60s. Silvia's class brings intensity to the forefront with challenging compound moves that enhance coordination. Embrace the burn through numerous repetitions, allowing you to master each move thoroughly!

Transition seamlessly into Rulene's segment, tailored for beginners. Rulene's classes are light, dynamic, and comprehensive, making every move easy to follow. Covering all the essentials, her style is the perfect introduction for those new to rebounding.

Silvia's unique GLO rebounding style, focusing on form, coordination, and toning, perfectly complements and contrasts Rulene’s approachable and enjoyable style of bouncing. This blend of Silvia's intensity and Rulene's simplicity, is sure to leave you feeling both energised and satisfied!

Experience the best of both worlds in this dynamic Fusion Class FOMO Workout – where 2 instructors mean DOUBLE the fun!