"SASSY" High-Waisted Scrunch Bum Shorts | Black

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Featuring “Scrunch Bum” Detail

“TikTok has made this style famous, now we’re bringing it to you! If you haven’t heard about the “scrunch bum” leggings that the whole world is raving about, then you’re about to get a crash course in the ultimate in lift and tuck! Available in short and long cuts, our new Body Kind SASSY leggings have a thick, flat band around the waist. They won’t roll or shift down as you move – even with movement as rigorous as rebounding. Turn them around to see what all the hype is about! This extremely flattering “scrunch” detail gives a lift exactly where you want it, for a little more booty and a lot more sass! We’ve kept them elegantly black for now, and I cannot wait to hear the rave reviews from you… and everyone behind you!”- Lisa

Size Guide Pants Size  Hip Measurement
XS 4-6 90cm - 93cm
S 8-10 96cm - 99cm
M 12-14 104cm - 109cm
L 16-18 114cm - 119cm
XL 20-22 125cm -131cm

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