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This petite recipe book is a passion project of mine, brought to life to make your life easier – and tastier! Enjoy delicious, healthy and simple smoothies and sweet treats, with over 50 superfoods in every recipe.

Modern day moms all have one thing in common… We’re busy.
How are we supposed to take family nutrition seriously when we barely have time to get dressed in the morning? It’s time to call in the reinforcements.
The best meals are quick, tasty, raw for the most part, and packed with nutritious foods. This book holds 30 of my favourites that fit the bill. Each recipe is enriched with Super Scoop, making this the easy and delicious way to cram 50 superfoods into your family’s meals. Even fussy palates will be pleased, I promise!
Super Scoop is your easy solution for a healthier diet long-term – no matter how hectic your schedule gets. Every scoop is packed with 50 superfoods, fibre, added vitamins and probiotics. It’s sugar-free and low in calories to boot.

Yep, Super Scoop is your saving grace for a wealth of dietary concerns too – for you and your family. In one little scoop, you’ll find essential vitamins and minerals, fibre, plant protein and even probiotics, so you can confidently tick these off your ‘to do’ list. In its simplest form, you can drink Super Scoop with water, or get creative and add it to just about anything: yoghurt, oats, smoothies, baked goods – even icing!

In this recipe book, you’ll find 30 simple and healthy sweet recipes – all upgraded with Super Scoop superfoods. Regular smoothies, decadent smoothie bowls, velvety desserts and plenty of tasty sweet treats have made it in here. These easy ‘meal-in-moments’ recipes guarantee you and your family a wealth of nutrients, with that all-important ‘yum’ factor.
Your children won’t even realise all the goodness they’re taking in with each bite. Bonus!

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Must have!

This is surely a must have! The nicest recipes, all healthy, tasty and the Superscoop can be use till it's best! Just live my little book.