Pre-recorded Webinar #26: Autoimmune Disorders - Unpacked

R 10.00

Let’s talk all-things autoimmune. This is an area that we’d LOVE to expand on! Whether or not you suffer from an autoimmune disorder, this webinar promises to educate, inform and shed some much-needed light on this topic.

Firstly, what is an autoimmune disorder? To put it simply, it’s the result of the immune system accidentally attacking your body, instead of protecting it – doctors are actually still unaware of why exactly this happens!

There are hundreds of known autoimmune disorders out there. So many people don’t know much about them, if they’re suffering from one, or how to cope with it if they do!

In this webinar, rebounding expert, Lisa Raleigh, and her husband, Stafford Masie are joined by registered dietician, Carly Seager and other relevant experts in the field to provide you with helpful insights related to dealing with autoimmune disorder. From nutritional, lifestyle, fitness, medical and homeopathic points of view – we’ve got you covered.

Lisa herself actually suffers from a mild autoimmune disorder that affects her thyroid: Hashimoto’s Disease. For her, this topic hits close to home. This webinar comes from her desire to help those of you who may be suffering in silence, and to empower everyone with knowledge on this topic! Knowledge is power, after all.