Pre-Recorded Webinar #17: Cancer

R 10.00

“My team and I have curated many platforms for regular communication with our client base. Webinars have become one of the most dynamic ways of interacting with thousands of you at a time. Each webinar is carefully themed, timed to suit busy, working parents, and is hosted by myself and one or more of my team of experts, along with special guests. We have covered themes relevant to you, based on feedback from you, and the response has been overwhelming! For those who missed out on any of our webinars, or who might want to refer back to some of the golden advice given out, good news! They are now available in an edited, downloadable format and they are R10. Enjoy, and keep an eye on my social channels for information on upcoming webinars!” – Lisa

An INCREDIBLE webinar and probably one of our most inspiring yet, focused on cancer. Mark Pilgrim’s testimony of his cancer journey is utterly moving and uplifting. What a privilege to have had him share so openly and so inspirationally. We are also joined by our awesome partners sharing their insights about living a life that reduces the risks of cancer. Yes, we do discuss the role of rebounding within this context. During the webinar you’ll discover some amazing facts and we also uncover aspects of the uncommonly known, yet CRITICAL, lymphatic system. This webinar is for everyone and a must-listen with the key message being; MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE! To reduce your risks of cancer, exercise and continuous movement is SO important! A rebounder is the miracle modality that truly enables an active healthy lifestyle and it also plays such an important role during your cancer journey. Every guest speaker had something amazing to share. We hope this content informs, empowers you and moves you to live that active lifestyle with exercise that heals, not harms.