"Pimp My Bounce" Cords

R 79.00

Keen to spice up your Bungee Deluxe Rebounder? Make your rebounder completely unique to you, with our awesome “Pimp My Bounce” Offering! With this offering, you can now creatively express yourself using our colourful Deluxe Bungee Cords! How cool?

Make your rebounding and wellness journey your own! Customise your Deluxe Rebounder as creatively as you want, and bounce in a way that’s not only beautiful, but totally individualised. Co-ordinate and decorate your rebounder to match the aesthetics of your space! Add a little colour to your bounce, and a little “piece of you” to your rebounding.

Buy as many cords as you’d like, in whatever colours you’d like, with this fun, fabulous and funky add-on! Make your Deluxe unlike anyone else’s, and allow your rebounder to be a unique extension of your personality, vibe and aesthetic.

The investment to make your Deluxe Rebounder prettier is a subconscious way of further committing to your health, fitness and wellness journey. Who says fitness equipment can’t be beautifully YOU?

Add beauty to the ultimate bounce of your Bungee Deluxe Rebounder! Remember, bounti’s with you – every bounce of the way.

Please take note of the following, critically important Ts & Cs:

  • This offering is ONLY applicable to Bungee Deluxe Rebounders, NOT Bungee Pro Rebounders, Neon Pro Rebounders or Bungee Bi-Fold Rebounders. These cords do NOT fit onto any of these other rebounders.
  • These cords do NOT come with brackets (we suggest that you hold onto your old cord and bracket as on-hand spares). If you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding brackets, please contact our support team at support@lisaraleigh.co.za.
  • Please watch the videos below, which clearly demonstrate how to replace your current cord(s).
  • These cords may be made to order. To obtain a specific estimated time of arrival (ETA), please contact our support team at support@lisaraleigh.co.za.
  • Please count the number of cords you’ll need if you’re going to replace all of your cords, as some Deluxe Rebounders have 42 cords, while others have 36.
  • If you are doing a full replacement of all your cords, please watch the below, which demonstrates a full cord installation.
  • For a small fee, we can install your cords FOR you at the Lisa Raleigh Store (Shop U41B, Nicolway Shopping Centre, Bryanston). Simply visit us in-store, with your Deluxe Rebounder. Please contact the store (nicolway@lisaraleigh.co.za or +27 76 566 0420) beforehand to arrange a suitable time, with approximately 30 minutes allocated for a complete cord replacement. 
  • These cords DO NOT qualify as Bungee Deluxe spare part replacement, meaning that you cannot replace a black cord under warranty (at no cost) with any of these “Pimp My Bounce” Cords.
  • These “Pimp My Bounce” Cords have a 1-month warranty period. (Please avoid placing your rebounder outdoors, and exposing the cords to water/flames/heat – wear or damage related to these types of incidents mitigates this warranty).

Once you’ve purchased your “Pimp My Bounce” Deluxe Cord(s), you may find the below videos helpful.

The bounti Rebounder "Pip" Bungee Cords to "Knotted" Bungee Cords:


Installation of a Knotted Bracket on a bounti Rebounder:


“Pimp My Bounce” Full Cord Installation: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Belinda Brits
Pimp my Bounce

Love the purple and liliac

Shelby O'Reilly
Beautiful but not durable

Sadly, as beautiful as these cords are, it's not affordable to have to keep replacing them at the rate they fray and snap. My previous bounti deluxe rebounder had all black cords and lasted over two years without needing cords replaced. I am so so sad that I sold that one because it was much better value for money. I bought a pimped out rebounder with purple, plum and pink cords because of how beautiful it is, and 80% of the cords are frayed and on their way to snapping. If you can afford to replace so many cords often then great, but needing to buy 20 new cords after 7 months is disappointing. Only after the purchase did I notice that these cords have a shorter warranty than the black cords. I have given many 5 star reviews on this site, but sadly I felt this was a big disappointment for me and my bank account.