Pilates Ball | Pink | 55 cm

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Complement your workouts, with this versatile and supportive piece of fitness equipment. The larger Pilates Ball inflates easily to a diameter of about 55cm, depending on your preferred firmness.

It can be used for support or resistance as you train! Its benefits include:

  • Improving your back and spine health, by stimulating the muscles of your core (pelvic floor, abdominals and lower-back), which are essential for posture, balance and control of movement
  • Improving your core strength, as its unstable surface results in your core muscles exerting extra effort to maintain balance… The elevation of the ball also allows you to perform a wider range of motion and engage more with smaller muscle groups!
  • Improves your flexibility, as its spherical surface gives your muscles added stretch, and drives your body to adapt to the ball’s shape, and adjust its position of the joints and muscles

This versatile piece of equipment brings so much diversity to your workouts… Use it for sit-ups, Pilates moves, or resistance training, where sitting or leaning on the exercise ball can increase its resistance, and add a range of motion to your workout! You can even incorporate them into your rebounding workouts, to spice them up a bit! 

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