“A Value-Add Where we Hold your Hand”

You’ve bought your bounti Rebounder, so what's next? Wondering where to start? Well, with our completely free Rebounder Orientation Pack – which is complimentary to every in-store or online bounti Rebounder purchase (that's right - FREE with your new bounti) – you now also get the ultimate value offering.

Please Note: This Orientation Pack is also available for purchase as a separate product.

The bounti Orientation Pack contains all the guidance you need, in getting started on your rebounder… A TRUE value-add where we hold your hand!

When you purchase one of our world-class bounti Rebounders, you’re not only investing in an amazing-quality piece of equipment, but a holistic fitness and wellness journey, that’ll transform your body and health for the better! Now we're closing the loop to ensure it truly becomes a part of your lifestyle.

This Orientation Pack includes: 

  • An Introductory Guide
  • A Rebounder Safety Guide
  • A “Where Do I Begin?” Synopsis
  • Rebounding Accessories Advice
  • A “Working at Your Desk” Rebounding Guide
  • “What to Expect After Workout” Advice
  • FREE bounti Workouts, including:
    • A beginner’s workout using a Support Bar
    • 5-minute workout
    • 10-minute workout
    • 15-minute workout
    • 20-minute workout
    • 30-minute workout
  • A “Where to From Now?” game plan, which introduces you to our newbie-friendly 4-week Foundation Programme and our 8-week Beginner’s Programme

To us, bounti is not just a brand, but a family who supports you, guides you and cheers you along! We want to see you succeed, progress and achieve all of your dream goals, as you embark on your rebounding journey.

This Orientation Pack is our gift to all of you who are taking those brave first steps… We’ve got you, and you’ve got this!