Difference between Lisa Raleigh BOUNTI classes

Since SA’s been hit by the coronavirus pandemic and we’ve been restricted under lockdown, I’ve spent countless hours coming up with new online rebounding classes  and ways to offer you the best workout experience, online – so that you can still enjoy your favourite rebounding workouts, in the comfort of your own home!

My team and I have put together a series of rebounding classes – called BOUNTI classes for you to choose from.

What the word BOUNTI means

If you look up the word “bounty” it literally means “a payment or reward offered as an incentive”. And this is exactly what rebounding does for the body. It’s a reward or gift you give yourself every time you bounce as it’s fun and beneficial all in one.

Rebounding has a myriad of benefits for the body (including the immune system, muscles, joints and organs) and it certainly offers more than just standard exercise. So, if you combine the words, “bounty” and “bountiful” – which means abundant, the result is BOUNTI- which to us, stands for an activity that’s happy, light, fun, energetic and can’t help but make you smile.

My BOUNTI online classes

All BOUNTI rebounding classes are designed to offer a full body workout, that is both fun and effective! Each session consists of a range of cardio, strength and flexibility-based exercises that are guaranteed to tone and sculpt the muscles while boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body.

The only difference is HOW you want to experience the classes- while on lockdown (and beyond if you enjoy this format).

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What you need for my BOUNTI online classes

Regardless of how you choose to bounce with me, here’s what you’ll need to join: 

  • Your own rebounder
  • A quiet, designated space at home for you to bounce
  • Decent Wi-Fi coverage/signal
  • A speaker to stream the music would be ideal so that you can listen to it in the same way as you do for class
  • Keep it safe – no low ceilings or hanging lights
  • Bounce away from sharp objects or glass tables

While you can bounce with no accessories, I always use a variety of equipment in each class to help you become fitter and stronger.

Some accessories you’ll need: 

  • Dumbbells
  • Small Pilates ball
  • Mat
  • Weighted bar
  • Resistance bands that you can tie
  • Ankle weights (I have new washable ones in stock)

If you don’t have this equipment at home, the good news is, I have a wide range of at-home gym equipment and accessories  on my Online Store. Even better? We can deliver on lockdown!

Here’s the difference between the online BOUNTI classes I currently offer:

BOUNTI live classes

What they are:

These are live classes that I teach in real time, via Zoom – from my home. I’ve really loved putting these classes together and teaching them, even if I only get to see you as a tiny square on my screen. The biggest Zoom class I’ve taught so far as had around 50 members – all bouncing together. This couldn’t make me happier!

How they work:  

Once you’ve downloaded the Zoom app on your tablet, laptop, phone or PC, you get an invitation to join the rebounding session with log in details, via a WhatsApp group.

Then, you simply join 5 minutes before the class starts, and you’ll see me right away. It’s that simple!

While I do play music through my speakers, you have the chance to make it louder and clearer on your side, as we send you a link to the music playlist that’s been created on the music app, Spotify.

Class details:

  • 45- 60-minute sessions
  • Times/days to be booked on the Box Champ app
  • Once you’ve purchased sessions, they’ll be loaded onto an account for you with Box Champ. You can then select the sessions you would like to do.

Class rates:

  • 1 x class- R110
  • 5 X classes – R475 (R95 each)
  • 10 X classes – R800 (R80 each) 

Current class timetable

(This is subject to change. Please email marketing@lisaraleigh.co.za for more info)






Lisa Raleigh BOUNTI classes

Bounti FOMO classes

What they are:

If you enjoy the energy of my live classes, but none of the class times suit you for that particular day or week, the good news is, you can join my BOUNTI FOMO classes online. FOMO stands for “Fear of missing out” and these classes offer you the chance to join my live classes but in your own time.

How they work:

All my live classes from the day are exported onto an online platform called Demio which enables you to register and use credits to book for the time slot that suits you.

Once the class link has been sent to you, you simply click on it and start the class at the prescribed time you booked for, which could be in the morning or afternoon.

You’ll then get to join the class as though it was live for that hour. Once you’ve completed the class, that’s it for the day. You won’t have the chance to view the class again – as it’s as though you joined a live class. If you’re late or you don’t pitch, you’ll miss out, just like you would if I was hosting a live class in a studio.

On this platform, you’ll also have the chance to join any of my previous classes I’ve shot and recorded over the past year – either at the hall in Parkhurst or at home. 

Class details:

  • 50- 55-minute sessions
  • Times/days to be booked through marketing@lisaraleigh.co.za on the Box Champ app
  • Once you’ve purchased sessions, they’ll be loaded onto an account for you with Box Champ. You can then select the sessions you would like to do.

While some BOUNTI FOMO classes are live from that day, others have been edited to include voice prompts, good music and countdowns.

Class rates:

  • 1 X class = R80
  • 5 X classes = R350 (R70 each)
  • 10 X classes = R500 (50 each)

Current class timetable

Classes are loaded three times a day at various times. You can see the schedule via the Box Champ App.

Just a note on times…

Please feel free to let us know if there’s a time slot that you think we don’t have, and we can pop some of those time slots onto this platform so that you don’t ever miss out! We are very open to new times, even if they’re at 5:00am or 7:00pm. That’s the beauty of this platform, we load the classes, and you get to complete them when it suits you.

Lisa Raleigh at home Rebounding classes

Bounti @home classes

What they are:

These are pre-recorded rebounding classes I’ve shot over the past year, mostly from the hall in Parkhurst where I taught live classes pre-Covid-19, as well as from home.

How they work:

You can either by a bundle of classes via my Online Store, I have plenty to choose from, or you can join the classes via Demio, which means you don’t get to the keep the download (the class disappears as you complete it) as though you were joining a live class.

Class details:

  • 55-60-minute sessions
  • Classes are done via Demio
  • Times/days to be booked through marketing@lisaraleigh.co.za on Box Champ app
  • Once you’ve purchased sessions, they’ll be loaded onto an account for you with Box Champ. You can then select the sessions you would like to do.
  • You will be sent a link to the class prior to the class starting
  • The class will start at the time booked sharply and the session will be over once the class is done
  • This is a once off use of the pre-recorded session

Class rates:

  • 1 X class = R80
  • 5 X classes = R350 (R70 each)
  • 10 X classes = R500 (50 each)

Current class timetable

Lisa Raleigh @home Bounti classes

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May 11, 2020 — Lisa Raleigh
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