Following a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be bland or boring. The key is balance and moderation – as most things in life should be. No deprivation needed!

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, I haven’t always maintained a balanced approach. In school, I was a competitive dancer and gymnast and suffered from an eating disorder, as I believed I had to look a certain way to be the best. Boy, was I wrong! I soon realised that reward, not punishment was the key to achieving my goals (on the sports field and in life) and that maintaining a healthy, strong body and mind was the way to go.

Achieving a strong mind and body

  • Listen to your body rather than deprive it
  • Eat the right foods with plenty of fruit and veggies
  • Stay hydrated
  • Sleep and rest enough
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Enjoy the exercise that you do and move every day

For many years, my philosophy in health is – everything in moderation, as maintaining a balanced approach has been an important part of my own journey, and one that I share with others too. The truth is, it’s the only way to reach and stick to your wellness goals long-term because no crash diet, extreme exercise regime or weight-loss pill is going to be sustainable.

My top 5 healthy lifestyle tips

No food or drink is off-limits

Simply eat in moderation and watch your portions. Feel like a piece of cake? Have it – just once or twice a week. Want to enjoy a drink with brunch? Go for it… Just choose a healthy brunch meal and the right drink. While I don’t believe it’s wise, necessary or responsible to go over the legal alcohol limit, I do believe that it’s okay to have the occasional drink with your meal. Consuming too many sugary drinks is a real no-no when it comes to balancing your daily caloric requirements, so I’m much more partial to the occasional light beer. One of my favourite lower alcohol beers is Flying Fish CHILL LITE. It has a refreshing lemon flavour and contains 30% fewer calories, 35% less sugar and 35% less carbs than your average flavoured beer, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking to enjoy something light with your meal. Choosing a lighter version of beer with lower levels of sugar, carbs and alcohol is perfect for those who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle as you don’t need to worry as much about consuming too many liquid calories.

Move your body every single day

“Life happens” is a phrase I often use with my clients who stress out about the buffet table at events or special occasion meals. The truth is, we all overindulge from time to time – but the key is to not turn one unhealthy meal into an unhealthy day or week, and to move your body more on the days you overindulge. This simple trick has always helped me to stay on track and stay healthy. If we attend a big birthday bash and I have a slice of birthday cake with a few other treats, I’ll go for a late afternoon walk or run. Or, I’ll do a few quick rebounding sessions on my mini trampoline to boost my lymphatic system and burn off the excess calories. Did you know, just 2 minutes of bouncing on a rebounder is equivalent to 6 minutes of jogging? It’s all about balance!

Eat more plants!

Whether you follow a high carb or low carb diet, or a high protein diet with less fat etc, the one thing most experts agree on – is that a diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables is the way to go for better health and longevity. In fact, it’s one of the best lifestyle choices you can make to prevent chronic disease, stay healthy and increase your lifespan. Veggies and fruits are packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients, essential vitamins and minerals and fibre to keep your body working properly.

There’s no doubt that my daily dose of greens (broccoli, spinach or kale, cucumber and celery) in my veggie juice gives me the energy I need to keep going throughout the day. I call it my rocket fuel, because it’s packed with vitamins and live enzymes too. Sometimes I’ll throw in some beetroot, apple and carrot for a bit of sweetness and it’s delicious. If you’re in a rush every morning, chop those veggies and store them in the fridge or freezer the night before so you can literally just blend them first thing the next morning. 

Get plenty of rest

Did you know most of us need around 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night to function at our best, yet we only get between 5-6 hours per night? Try to prioritise sleep and you’ll see and feel the difference in everything from your moods to your appetite and your skin. If you want to fall asleep with ease and stay asleep, good sleep hygiene is a must! This means switching off all electronic devices before bed, especially those which emit blue light. I also do my best to keep all light out of my bedroom. This includes natural moonlight and street lights.

Choose supplements based on your individual needs

Over the years I’ve tried various combinations of supplements to find out what works best for me, and this is my go-to protocol that keeps me happy and healthy most of the time. (Find yours and watch your body thrive!)

  • A daily probiotic for gut health
  • A calcium magnesium supplement at night for bone health and better sleep
  • Vitamin C for immunity (It’s also a potent antioxidant)
  • Vitamin B to ease symptoms of stress in busy times
  • Folic acid it’s part of the B-vitamin group to help lower blood pressure and prevent anaemia
  • A good multivitamin – for overall health and wellbeing

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November 06, 2018 — Lisa Raleigh
Tags: Lifestyle