Father's Day Gift Guide with Stafford Lisa and Bella

Still stuck with what to get your father or partner for Father’s Day? Why not give him the gift of health this year, and spoil him with a special wellness gift or gesture that’ll help him prioritise his health and live his best life?

When I sat down to compile this wellness gift guide, I asked my hubby what he’d like as a gift and he mentioned some of the goodies below. I also think they’re great gift ideas because they’re all fun (yet functional) and will make great additions to any fitness or wellness regime.

Plus, they’re unique! You won’t find any socks or ties on my Online Store, so the men in your life are bound to be surprised when they receive any of these wellness gifts!

Suspension trainer

Suspension trainer

Suspension trainers are so functional and versatile, you can attach them to pretty much anything that’s stable and solid and work your entire body!

Guys can make their suspension workout easy or hard, just by adjusting the angle at which they train – the greater the angle, the harder the workout!

Plus, the straps are fully adjustable and can be made longer or shorter depending on a person's weight and height.

My hubby uses our suspension trainer for upper body moves such as rows, push ups and tricep extensions and lower body exercises – including squats with knee raisers, lunges, hamstring curls and hip lifts.It's also great for core-strengthening moves – in fact, it’s the ideal piece of equipment for the core!

My suspension trainer, R899, can be used to replace a lot of moves you would use the cable machine at the gym for.

WATCH: This short preview on how to use my suspension trainer:


Lisa Raleigh Gliders

Gliders are lightweight, functional, versatile and offer a killer core workout! There’s no doubt that they’re one of my favourite pieces of fitness equipment, which I know men love too - because the key is to use your body weight to complete each exercise well. 

They’re particularly great for:

  • Core exercises
  • Lower body moves such as forward, back and side lunges
  • Upper body moves such as push ups and chest-strengthening moves.

Grab a pair of my Green Gliders, R249, for dad!

Foam roller

Grit foam roller

Did you know that using a foam roller after exercise can dramatically improve your recovery time and flexibility? Although sometimes painful, it’s a necessary evil because foam rollers help to release trigger points and tight muscles. They’re great to use after cardio exercise such as running, cycling or rebounding as well as after a tough strength-training session.

Available from my men’s grit range, this foam roller, R329, has the best funky, masculine colours.


black fitkicks

Think these sleek, lightweight shoes are just for ladies? Think again! Fitkicks are the ideal at-home training shoe for men and women, because they’re super flexible and minimal, allowing you to move freely while you exercise. They’re great for plyometric training such as jump squats, walking lunges, step ups etc, and of course they’re the best shoe for rebounding. Here’s why:

  • They’re made with a non-slip rubber sole
  • They’re designed with the perfect sole for rebounding and HIIT cardio (They aren't too high or too unstable)
  • You feel more connected to the rebounder or ground as you move
  • Your ankles are fully supported.

Both my Fitkicks, R599, and Fitsocks, R250, are great for at-home training.

Dad bundle

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New unisex rebounding workouts

Lisa Raleigh and friends Nhlanhla

Introducing my Lisa Raleigh & Friend’s newest rebounding instructor, Nhlanhla Moela – who demonstrates just how effective rebounding is for men too! In my new series, Nhlanhla takes you through some hot new, calorie torching workouts ranging from 20-60 minutes.

His range of functional movements incorporate the entire body and include lung-busting cardio, strength and intensive core exercises to keep your heart rate pumping and your body guessing…

If dad is ready to try rebounding, these at-home rebounding workouts, R80 each, are a great start.

WATCH: This short preview on what my new unisex workouts are all about:


DNA tests

Lisa Raleigh DNA sport

I know this gift is a little unusual for Father’s Day, but a DNA Health, Sport or Diet Test really offers the best window into how the body works and what it needs to thrive. All DNA tests through DNAlysis are designed to analyse a person’s unique DNA structure – which tells a story of its own, including everything from the best foods to eat for your body type to what exercise works for you, whether your body is prone to inflammation or what type of recovery plan you should be following post-exercise.

DNA Health is a comprehensive test which only requires a single cheek swab! From there, I analyse the results and look at factors such as bone health, oxidative stress, insulin sensitivity, and much more.

So, if the men in your life are looking to find out more about their unique health status, a DNA Test, from R2 800, is the ultimate gift.

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Consult and eating plan


Another great way to help dad prioritise his health and well-being is to book a wellness consult with me. As a personal trainer, nutrition, and life coach, it’s my greatest passion to help people transform their lives and feel and look their best. 

My wellness consult and eating plan, R2000, includes:

  • A Zoom consult with me valued at R950
  • A personalised eating plan emailed to you based on the findings of your consult valued at R950
  • A 30-minute follow up with me to discuss your eating plan valued at R500

Spring Studio Pro Rebounder 

Lisa Raleigh Spring Studio Pro

If you’re looking for a serious investment for the men in your life, you can’t go wrong with my Lisa Raleigh Spring Studio Pro Rebounder or Bungee Studio Pro Rebounder. Ideal for at-home workouts (which I call BOUNTI workouts) rebounding offers the best combination of strength and cardio benefits in one single exercise modality. Plus, it’s a fun, simple and effective workout he can enjoy alone or with the family.

See my Online Store for my wide range of @Home BOUNTI workouts which I offer live, via ZOOM as well as pre-recorded for your convenience. You can also purchase my new unisex workouts (I mentioned above in this post) to go with the rebounder, and a range of fitness accessories including resistance bands  from my Grit range, small Pilates balls and ankle weights.

Please note: My rebounders are selling out fast once again so please place your order on my Online Store as soon as possible to secure yours! 

Make dad double chocolate superfood cupcakes

double chocolate superfood cupcakes

For the ultimate Father’s Day gesture, why not make my double chocolate superfood cupcakes for a special treat? These are so easy to make (simply whizz up all ingredients in a food processor before baking them) and make the delicious icing while they bake for 20 minutes.

I love these cupcakes because they taste even better than the sugary kind you’ll find in supermarkets, yet they’re packed with healthy ingredients like avocado, chickpeas and Super Scoop – my organic drink mix that contains over 50 fruit and veggie extracts, including mushrooms and greens such as barley grass. The best news? You don’t taste a single veggie in this recipe. Just chocolatey gooiness!

Click here for the recipe

June 16, 2020 — Lisa Raleigh