Wouldn’t you love to delve deeper into your ancestry and know exactly where you came from? It’s something I’ve always been fascinated with and now you can figure it out and understand your family tree better with the help of myDNAorigin. It’s the latest, innovative DNA test from DNAlysis Biotechnology and I’m so excited about it!

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My personal family tree

Recently, I was chatting to my father about our family tree and where his parents, and my mother’s parents were from. It seems my extended family arrived in SA in the mid-20th Century, but they originated from the UK and parts of Europe. I never knew much about my great grandparents or anyone before them for that matter, it’s like a big black hole. My mom has started researching our family tree to try and find answers, but it’s taken time and effort and there are still some stones left unturned.

Unfortunately, my grandparents didn’t keep written family records or family tree charts to pass down.

My husband also has a rich, diverse family history and we’d love to know more so that we can share stories with our daughter, Bella and tell her about all the generations linked to her on both sides.

The good news is, my family and I can now learn so much more about my ancestry, thanks to advances in technology and genetic testing. And in my opinion, there’s no better gift to give someone – because it’s knowledge for life!  

The new myDNAorigin test

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or special celebration – what do you give someone who seemingly has everything? You know that sibling, friend or partner who loves to shop and has all the trendiest clothes, gadgets and accessories for their home, office etc?

My answer is… the myDNAorigin test! It’s DNAlysis Biotechnology’s latest offering and has been designed to help you identify where your lineage lies, based on your personal genetic profile.

It helps you find answers to:

  • The origins of your ancestors
  • How diverse your DNA really is
  • The link between your past and present

One of the main aims of this test is to reveal where the females on your mother’s side or males on your father’s side of the family came from. How interesting!

It does this by looking at three different types of your DNA, including; the DNA stored inside your autosomal chromosomes (DNA) – which looks at the mix of chromosomes you have from your father and mother, the DNA stored inside your mitochondria (MtDNA) – which is passed down from mother to all her children, and the Y chromosome – which is passed down from father to son.

What the test WILL NOT do:

  • It’s not a paternity test, so it won’t tell you who your father is, for instance (A paternity test is a completely different DNA test).
  • It won’t help you find your long-lost aunt or cousin. It’s designed to show you where in the world your ancestors are from and how that links to you.
  • It can’t help you trace people by their surname, place of work etc. It only traces your family tree based on genetics.
  • The test doesn’t compare your DNA to other living humans, it only looks at your lineage

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How does the test work?

There are 4 steps to taking this test, it’s simple and painless and you don’t need to see a healthcare practitioner as you would with other DNAlysis tests I’ve spoken about on my blog.

  1. Order the myDNAorigin test online
  2. Receive your kit and provide a DNA sample by following the step-by-step instructions
  3. Return your DNA sample in a prepaid package to the DNAlysis Biotechnology lab
  4. Wait for 6-8 weeks to receive your report.

NOTE: The report is laid out beautifully in a PDF format and is really easy to understand – there’s no complex jargon. It shows how you relate to various populations based on percentages, which have been worked out according to your genetic profile.

So, what are you waiting for? This test undoubtedly makes your family history more personal. It also helps to satisfy that basic human need we all have – which is to know where we are from and see how we fit in the world today.

I can’t wait to take it myself in the next few weeks. I’ll be sharing my results in a video, so watch my social media pages for more info!

You can also visit www.mydnaorigin.co.za to find out more. 


December 11, 2019 — Lisa Raleigh
Tags: Lifestyle