There’s no doubt that pregnancy and new motherhood brings an enormous sense of responsibility. And while the new journey is full of love and excitement, it can be daunting too – especially when it comes to shopping for your little one.

There are some great online resources to help you make these purchasing decisions easier. For instance, Baby Womb World was created “to assist new parents with the unfamiliar transition from womb to world.” Founder and mom of two, Hayley Bailey says, “We believe that our premium products will make a difference in every parent’s life!”

Here are 3 of their best-selling products which we believe every parent should own:

Baby Womb World Nanny Cam

How do you feel when you have no choice but to leave your kids at home with a caregiver? Do they get their meals on time and are they well looked after? Worst of all, is there a possibility that your children are maybe being abused? A hidden camera is the best way to detect an alarming situation and respond quickly.  Even with the most trusted caregiver, questions can remain and it’s natural for parents to feel anxious. Having a Nanny Cam is a great way to protect your children and reassure your fears.

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How does it work?

The camera is inconspicuous and designed to monitor and record activities of child caregivers, baby sitters or in-home workers. It’s typically set up in a hidden location, without the knowledge of the nanny or babysitter, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be hidden! Although people generally don’t like to be watched, the truth is trust is a two-way street and no one with good intentions should feel uneasy with a Nanny Cam. It could, however, also provide a powerful deterrent to bad behaviour or abuse.

Key features:

  • Easy Plug and Play setup, using a wireless network or network cable
  • Perfect audio and image quality
  • Supports mobile view (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry)
  • Can also be viewed via your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.)
  • Allows for remote camera movement – Pan 355 degrees and Tilt 90 degrees
  • Alarm video push technology
  • Great “How to Use” Videos online

How do I use it?

Simply follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the YooSee App by scanning the QR code on the packaging.
  2. Make sure the WiFi camera is plugged into power and your WiFi network is on.
  3. Using the “Smartlink” on the App, pair the camera to your smart device.
  4. With the camera in close proximity (max 18 meters) from your WiFi router, it’s ready for use!

Baby Womb World Night Light

With such a variety of night lights available on the market, how do you decide which one is best for baby as well as yourself? The Mumentoes team are huge fans of the Baby Womb World Night Light, here’s why…

How does it work?

The night light softly illuminates your nursery or child’s room in a gentle glow that’s not too bright to prevent sleep. It also has a modern, practical and functional design that’s easy to switch on and off. Another bonus is that the soft lighting will make midnight feedings and nappy changes a lot easier too, thanks to the soft, soothing illumination. It’s also been shown to prevent nightmares and night terrors in toddlers, while also providing soft lighting for nighttime bathroom visits.

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Due to the nightlights soft glow, if your baby awakens, he won’t necessarily always cry but will start to notice and learn more about his surroundings instead.  This will help to increase his curiosity, keeping him quietly entertained and self-soothed as well as strengthening his visual sight… especially at 5am when you’re not quite ready to get up yet!

Key features:

  • The light is portable, can sit anywhere in the room
  • It runs off batteries and doesn’t need to be plugged into power, ideal for power outages!
  • It’s a touch sensor LED night light
  • The light is made with a silicone material and built-in light induction
  • It comes in a variety of colours: pink, blue, white and silver

Baby Womb World Baby Muslin Receiving Blankets

With all the baby blankets available on the market, it may seem impossible to choose which blanket will benefit and suit you the most. The right swaddle blanket should be made from the best quality fabric and wrap comfortably around your little one’s body.

How does it work?

Receiving blankets truly are the cornerstone of any babies’ wardrobe and are invaluable to any new parent.  Their uses are endless, from a source of warmth, to security through to swaddling.  Although muslin blankets are not overly thick, they’re designed to keep baby warm.

We all keep warm naturally by burning energy from the food we eat. So, by keeping your little one wrapped up, you’re helping to preserve their caloric intake for weight gain as well as to maintain their own fragile body temperature!

Key features:

  • These muslin blankets are made from 100% organic cotton fabric, to ensure breathability and temperature regulation.
  • They can be used to wrap baby or cover the pram
  • Swaddling with these blankets helps to soothe baby and eliminate the startle reflex
  • Swaddling also reduces colic by allowing your baby to self-soothe and by sleeping on their back while being swaddled, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is greatly reduced.

For more information on these three products, as well as other items in the Baby Womb World range, visit  or see their Facebook page here

September 05, 2018 — Lisa Raleigh