Want to know my top 10 tips for glowing skin? It’s not just about the products you use, it’s also about how much sleep you get, the stress you’re under, as well as your hydration levels, diet and exercise regime. Yep, if you want skin that radiates health from the inside out, you have to #love yourself enough to treat your skin holistically.


Get sweating

Sweat purges your body of toxins that can clog pores and plague your skin with pimples and blemishes.

Boost blood flow

Whether you lift weights, jog on the treadmill, or practise inverted yoga poses, regular movement boosts blood flow, which, in turn will help to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface. Want the most effective solution? Bounce on a mini trampoline for a few minutes each day. Not only will you improve your circulation, you’ll enjoy the reported benefits of rebounding’s skin-tautening effects as well. In fact, rebounding can actually reverse, prevent or diminish the hardening of the arteries. This key function has plenty of benefits for the body as it helps to keep your mind alert, skin smooth, skeleton flexible, kidneys functioning and your blood circulating.

Tone up

The stronger and firmer your muscles are beneath your skin, the more support your skin will have, and the more firm and elastic it will appear. Add resistance training to your workout regime to improve your overall tone and muscle mass.

Encourage your skin to produce more natural oils

When you exercise, your skin begins to produce more of its natural oils that help skin look supple and healthy – another benefit of regular movement!

Drink enough water

Your skin is made up of cells which – just like any other part of your body – are made up of water. If your hydration levels aren’t up to scratch, your skin will suffer. Dry, tight and flaky skin is the result of low water levels. It’s also more prone to wrinkling. The more water you drink, the better your skin cells will function. Water is also a natural detoxer, and enough of the stuff will rid your body of unwanted toxins.

Dry brush

This is one of my all-time favourites for beautiful skin – you will see a difference. This is a powerful exfoliator and circulation booster in one. Simply brush your body vigorously but gently in long sweeping strokes before your bath or shower, then wash away dry skin afterwards.

Get your antioxidant quota

Vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and vitamin A (in the form of beta carotene) nourish and protect skin to extend its youthful appearance. Having these nutrients in your face cream is a bonus, but beauty starts on the inside, and that means eating your vitamins first.

Consume plenty of healthy fats

Known as omega-3 fatty acids, these help to maintain cell membranes so that they are effective barriers — allowing water and nutrients in, and keeping toxins out. Coconut oil, raw olive oil, avos and fish all pack a healthy punch and are brilliant for the skin’s moisture levels.

Get enough sleep

If you want to fall asleep with ease and stay asleep, good sleep hygiene is a must! This means switching off all electronic devices before bed, especially those which emit blue light. I also do my best to keep all light out of my bedroom. This includes natural moonlight and street lights. I use block-out curtains and I wear my SleepSpec shades every night for a good few hours before bed. These shades work wonders to block out artificial light from cell phones and laptops etc, and I find that I fall asleep much quicker when I wear them. Visit my e-store to check them out. Why am I going on about sleep? When it comes to healthy, glowing skin – sleep is critical. Sleep helps to reduce inflammation in the body, while allowing every cell and organ to regenerate. Your body also boosts blood flow when you sleep, which is why you often wake up with a healthy glow.

Keep your skin clean

And wash your face straight after a workout. Sweat is a wonderful way to purge the body and skin of toxins, but there’s no point letting it sit on the surface and be reabsorbed! Rinse your face immediately after a workout – better yet, keep face wipes in your bag for an instant refresh.

February 15, 2019 — Lisa Raleigh
Tags: Lifestyle