Tertia D | Sneak Peek - bounti Beat Programme

R 100.00

Do you love music, dance and movement? Well, bounti BEATis all about introducing dance routines on a rebounder! A full body, dance-inspired class, so cleverly disguised as FUN, you forget that you’re also working on coordination and balance, whilst stretching, strengthening and toning!

Tertia’s music selection only makes it even better… Join her as she brings her own unique flavour to rebounding – along with her experience and expertise as a qualified personal trainer, stretch specialist and professional dancer! …Trust us,you’re all going to LOVE this!

This special edition FOMO workout is actually a snippet from Tertia’s 12-week bounti BEAT Programme. It shows you an excerpt from the last workout of this programme, which consists of 20 choreographed songs! This is a little sneak peek as to what you build towards in the bounti BEAT Programme… Bust a move, break a sweat and have some fun– and check out the full bounti BEAT Programme for more!