SWIFT FOMO with Tertia D #7

R 100.00

For all you busy bees out there, this bounti Swift class, brought to you by Tertia D, is the ideal workout for you! This higher-intensity class is a full-body workout, condensed into 30 to 35-minute session, for all you busy people who need a full-body workout, but don’t have the time to participate in a whole hour-long class.

This class is at an intermediate to advanced level (however, can be tweaked to be beginner-friendly), and includes all the fundamental elements of a fully balanced and effective rebounding workout in a way that is time-efficient and convenient.

Grab your rebounder and your accessories, and make sure you make the time to get that daily bounce in. If you’re a busy mom or a workaholic looking to squeeze in some healthy habits, bounti Swift your perfect quick fix!