Stroller Strength Builder I PDF Workout

Stroller Strength Builder I PDF Workout

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Keep your little one occupied in their stroller while you build strength.


  1. Enhances digestion and elimination, helping reduce bloating and clear toxins in your body.
  2. Stimulates your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day. Rebounding also supports metabolism more than other forms of cardio. Longer cardio sessions are thought to hinder weight-loss efforts due to extended periods of "breathlessness" – which you don’t experience while rebounding.
  3. Lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which often go hand in hand with weight.
  4. Reduces cellulite in just a few months by increasing your body’s lymphatic flow.
  5. Helps curb emotional eating. It does this by regulating your mood, providing feel- good hormones to prevent you eating when upset.
  6. Helps prevent and manage diabetes by lowering your blood sugar levels and improving the work of your insulin.
  7. Tightens your tummy by engaging your core in every movement. Rebounding also allows for many specific core moves.
  8. Is easy and portable. You can move your rebounder into any part of the house and use it whenever it suits you, with no commute.
  9. Can be used for burst training and HIIT, making it a more convenient way to get fit in a shorter amount of time.
  10. Has anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to the stimulation and draining of the lymphatic system.

  12. Increases self-confidence. Studies show that the simple act of exercise (rather than fitness from exercising) can help you believe that you look better.
  13. Strengthens the heart, by working the cardiovascular system.
  14. Helps circulate oxygen to tissues. If your tissues and cells do not get enough oxygen, every organ can be negatively impacted, especially the brain, heart, and kidneys.
  15. Aids lymphatic circulation. Your lymphatic and cardiovascular system work together to keep your blood and lymphatic fluid levels balanced and flush out toxins. Your lymphatic system also moves your immune cells throughout your body to create a defense against infections.
  16. Gives your body an increased G-force (or gravitational load). This improves your health and strengthens your musculoskeletal systems.
  17. Increases lung capacity.
  18. Lowers blood pressure. Rebounding helps your muscles contract, resulting in the rhythmic compression of veins and arteries. This helps move fluids more effectively through the body and back to the heart, helping to lower peripheral blood pressure.
  19. Increases stamina by boosting neurotransmitter production, which helps promote energy. Rebounding also increases endurance.
  20. Improves balance by increasing your brain’s responsiveness to the vestibular apparatus within the inner ear.
  21. Improves the immune system by stimulating the action of red bone marrow and supporting the repair of tissue.
  22. Improves the endocrine system by getting rid of excess hormones and toxins. Rebounding is also a great way to correct a hormone imbalance.
  23. Improves the effects of strength training. People who rebound for 30 seconds between each set of weight lifting typically see 25% more improvement in their muscles after 12 weeks than those who don't.
  24. Reduces your risk of chronic disease. Rebounding helps improve insulin sensitivity, heart health, and body composition while decreasing blood pressure and blood fat. These benefits prevent you from increasing belly fat, which can boost your risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and premature death.
  25. Gives you antioxidant protection and increases your blood flow, helping protect the internal structure of your skin and delay signs of ageing.
  26. Improves sleep quality. Regular rebounding can help you relax, get a higher quality of sleep and stimulate your recovery processes while you sleep.
  27. Can help you quit smoking by limiting the intensity of your cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  28. Can lower a man's risk of erectile dysfunction or improve the sexual function of men who are already affected by erectile dysfunction. For women, exercise can help increase sexual arousal.
  29. Reduces the urge to ruminate. Exercises like rebounding help prevent people from ruminating on past negative events by altering the blood flow to the areas in the brain that trigger people to repeat stressful thoughts over and over.
  30. Fights fatigue. You may feel tired immediately after rebounding, but in the long- run, rebounding increases the strength that is needed to keep fatigue at bay.

  32. Helps maintain functional independence, when practised regularly for 30 minutes a day.
  33. Reduces risk of cancer. Exercises like rebounding help lower your  risk for developing a variety of different types of cancer. Studies have shown a 30-40% reduction in occurrences of breast cancer among women who participate in regular exercise.
  34. Supports arthritis management. Rebounding helps lubricate the joints with little impact, helping reduce the pain and stiffness that comes with this disease.
  35. Helps alleviate sluggish digestion and constipation. Rebounding on a regular basis helps encourage digestive health and is an excellent “treatment” for people who suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort.
  36. Reduces the  risk of developing dementia, which increases with a sedentary lifestyle.
  37. Increases bone density and strength, reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis and therefore bone fractures.
  38. Reverses the impact of life-long stress. 30 minutes of rebounding can increase levels of calming brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. It may also work on a cellular level to help reverse the toll that stress takes on the ageing process.
  39. Helps you live longer. Just 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week can increase your lifespan by 3.4 years.
  40. Reduces the risk of falls. Balance and muscle-strengthening activities like rebounding are important for reducing the risk of falling as you get older.
  41. Improves memory by boosting blood circulation to the brain, aiding in proper brain function.
  42. Slows muscle atrophy – an inevitable result of the ageing process. 
  43. Improves posture. As the body ages, the curvature on the spine increases. Rebounding has been shown to help maintain proper body alignment and a strong posture. 
  44. Offers relief from common pains that come with ageing, like neck pains, back pains, and headaches.
  45. Prevents edema by decreasing the amount of blood that pools in the cardiovascular system's veins.
  46. Helps rehabilitate existing heart problems and recovery from heart procedures by encouraging gentle, low-impact circulation.
  47. Encourages collateral circulation, which is important for seniors. This is the alternate path of circulation around a blocked artery or vein, such as a nearby blood vessel, which can help prevent strokes.
  48. Is easy on the joints. Rebounding has much less impact on joints and soft tissue than other exercises. When bouncing, pressure is more distributed throughout the body, whereas when walking or running, the pressure is mainly on the ankles.

"I’m obsessed with rebounding and can’t wait for my bungee rebounder to arrive. I’ve always been quite fit from the treadmill and road running, but I developed some hip problems and rebounding is the only exercise that doesn’t aggravate my hip. Another bonus is that at long last I’m working all the major muscles in my body and not just simply doing cardio, which is so important for long-term health. I just love that the rebounder is such a versatile piece of exercise equipment with no harsh impact on the joints. The first time I did one of Lisa Raleigh & Friends online classes, I couldn’t hop on one foot for a second and there were many strength exercises I couldn’t manage. Now I can hop on one foot for a full minute and manage more strength exercises with ease. The strength and progress gains are quick and amazing.

My 10-year-old daughter loves the rebounder too and bounces daily. She’s now progressed to an 18-minute class. She’s a ballet dancer and the rebounder has helped her with her core strength which is so important for ballet. Plus, she has so much fun. Even my 13-year-old son has started using the rebounder.

Having a rebounder during lockdown this year has been priceless. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, can be moved from room to room, is inexpensive and fun, and workouts can be downloaded and done at your convenience. Bonus! ”
- Auritt Levin

"Being a wife to a husband who’s away half the year for work, as well as a new mom of twins and working two jobs full time - one at an engineering firm, and the other at my own Architectural firm I started two years ago, my time is very limited. 

Finding time to exercise has been hard, I don’t like gyms and jogging outside in the cold, dark winter has never been an option for me. But rebounding in the comfort of my own home, at a time I can squeeze in, has been just what I’ve needed. And although I don’t always have the time to prep and cook the recipes suggested in Lisa’s Elimin8 Programme, I’ve learned so much about which healthy ingredients to use as well as simple, healthy food swaps I can make.

I’ve also done some DNA tests with Lisa, which has helped a lot in terms of knowing what my body needs.

I really enjoy rebounding as it’s all about pushing your limits and if you don’t feel very energetic you can take it easy, but at least you’re still moving and burning calories!”
- Ronalda Basson


"I’ve been following Lisa Raleigh for the last two years and kept telling my hubby about the amazing at-home fitness programmes she offers, so for Christmas he decided to give me the gift I couldn’t stop talking about – The Spring Studio Pro Rebounder. I was overjoyed with my new gift, and was keen to try out all the workouts, but as a sales manager I travel a lot for work, so I never really got the opportunity to make it a routine.

At the start of the new year (2020) I wanted to quit some bad habits, namely smoking, and adopt some new, healthier habits – such as losing weight and getting fit. In Feb, I decided to quit smoking, and I’m so happy I did, but like most people, I began substituting smoking with snacking and picked up a few extra kgs. Then Lockdown happened and I thought it was the perfect time to get started with my 2020 fitness goals but while juggling work, family and home schooling, I still struggled with making  rebounding and fitness a part of my daily routine.

While scrolling through social media, I kept seeing Lisas’s bounti 8-Week Challenge and realised it was just for me. I decided to sign up make a commitment to my fitness and health and what an amazing journey it’s been!

The first 3 days of the Elimin8 Programme was brutal for me, but then the magic happened, and I started to sleep better, feel more energetic and just have an overall feeling of “amazingness”. I fell in love with the process and felt excited and motivated to bounce, which was both fun and challenging, and eat properly. I’ve always felt so blessed to be able to move my body and be active.

Lisa’s challenge has been great because it allows you the time to make positive, lasting changes and form better habits. It also encourages you to be more mindful of what goes into your mouth. My results have been amazing with an overall 4.5kg loss so far. Although I haven’t quite reached my goal weight, I’m well on my way to achieving it and feel so much better in my own skin.  I’m happy to have kickstarted a happier healthier me...”

- Farahna Bassa

“I decided to take part in the 8-week bounti Challenge and do Lisa’s Elimini8 Programme as I was really feeling down due to my health issues. Last year I snapped my ligament in my left foot which caused thrombosis (blood clots) in my legs. The clots then moved through my bloodstream into my lungs, which resulted in a serious pulmonary embolism. I had to go on blood thinning medication twice in the last year and a half, and I wasn’t allowed to consume any fruits and vegetables, especially anything containing vitamin k – as this vitamin thickens the blood.

I felt depressed, had no energy, wasn’t sleeping well, my skin wasn’t good at all and I put on a lot of weight. During the lockdown, I was on Facebook and saw Lisa Raleigh rebounding pop up in my feed. I saved the post and went on with my day. Again, another post related to rebounding with a video popped up, so I decided to go onto Lisa’s website to see what it was all about and when I read all the benefits of rebounding and how it can transform your life and health I decided to read some reviews and watch her videos on YouTube and Facebook. I also read some testimonials and decided then and there, that I needed to do something and make a change in my life.

I ordered my rebounder with accessories and workouts, which was something new as I've never bought anything online before.
When I received my rebounder, I decided I needed some additional motivation and thought about entering the bounti 8-week Challenge (which includes the Elimin8 Programme and a long-term eating plan). I knew that a challenge would help me to get started and feel more confident.

When I decided to start this journey, I didn’t realise that I would fall in love with rebounding like I did and that I would love the lifestyle change.
It was difficult at first to adjust my diet as I’d fallen into bad eating habits, thanks to long work hours and would often skip meals. However, the Challenge taught me to be more conscious of my daily routine and what I ate. I started to enjoy fresh, healthy food more and felt less tired and bloated.

After a couple of days, I could see a difference in my skin too. During the Elimini8 Programme, I grew my own sprouts from scratch to add to my meals and made fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast. I loved Lisa’s seed loaf as it kept me full for most of the day.

I started off with a beginner rebounding plan but could soon do more than just one workout.

I hopped on the rebounder when I got home from work and loved it. I sweated a lot and felt amazing after each class. I also started to sleep better had more energy and felt less congested throughout winter. Now, I feel so much healthier!

This was a life changing experience for me and the beginning of a healthier and happier me!”
- Charlene

“I started rebounding six weeks after having my baby, and wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’d been watching Lisa on social media and seeing the benefits of rebounding. I also read Lisa’s postpartum story, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Initially I was shocked! I felt my body working hard the first time I bounced and started seeing results soon after. Fitness-wise, I’ve done everything under the sun... yoga, Pilates, Pure barre, CrossFit, kickboxing and running – although I’m not a fan of running.

However, I knew I needed to do more cardio activities. So, when I heard that 2 minutes of rebounding is equivalent to 6 minutes of running, I was all in.
I’ve always been fit and have managed to keep excess weight off to a certain point, but then it became so hard to keep my weight in check. Rebounding has changed all that!

I’ve never seen and experienced the results I have with rebounding with any other exercise. I was shocked at how it targeted all my major muscle groups in one. My core has never been this strong, I can also balance for longer, and stand more confidently thanks to all the improvements I’ve noticed with my posture. I feel firm and tight.

Rebounding has also helped my body get rid of toxins, which is a great bonus.
Now, I’m not nervous to have another baby because I know that rebounding will help me lose the excess baby weight quickly. You have to experience it for yourself!”
- Bianca Creates


“The bounti Beginner’s Programme and 8-Week Challenge came at just the right time in my life. I felt uncomfortable in my body and didn’t really know how to start getting motivated again. Having trained and practiced healthy eating before, I was now three years out of that routine after having my second baby, and it just seemed overwhelming, so I procrastinated.

Being passionate about my career, as well as having two little children made it difficult for me to find time to go to the gym. And if I did get to the gym, I lacked direction to achieve my goals and couldn’t afford a personal trainer – which left me feeling demotivated.

But Lisa Raleigh’s 8-Week bounti Challenge solved all my problems! It allowed me the convenience to train at home - even if that meant after the kids were asleep, plus it gave me the direction I needed thanks to the online classes and Elimin8 Programme, which helped me cut out all the unnecessary non-nutritious foods and sugars in my diet.

I’ve happily trained daily for 30-60 minutes and have really enjoyed how my body feels, with little to no old injury aggravations. Rebounding is so much fun that it hardly feels like “work”, yet I’ve really reaped the rewards in the past 8 weeks - mind, body and soul! My husband was also motivated by my commitment and has adopted the eating and training mentality and has lost 6kg and loads of centimetres – so the healthy bug has bit us both and we are both enjoying our new form.”
- Bronwyn Rielly


“I recently purchased a series of Lisa’s online rebounding workouts and absolutely love them. My rebounder sits in my lounge or on my patio, or in my bedroom and it comes with me on holiday because it's so convenient, and I love that you can exercise anywhere. Lisa’s enthusiasm, guidance and encouragement in the videos keep you going even when you want to give up. I have recently had to buy another rebounder for my 14-year-old son (I am a 50-year-old single mom) who is now an avid rebounder and will not let me miss a session. Thanks Lisa you are fabulous x”
- Mel Armstrong

“I am 25 years old, and I was diagnosed with arthritis in my spine 2 years ago. It was a tough two years, the medicine that I was on made me miserable, bloated and I gained around 15kg within a couple of months. I wasn't allowed to do any high- impact sports that I was doing previously, and I became demotivated.
My rheumatologist suggested I get involved in an activity such as swimming or yoga to strengthen my spine, while my physiotherapist recommended I visit Bounce in Durban, so that I could exercise in a fun way. I agreed, visited Bounce and really enjoyed it. I thought of going to a class at least once a week, which got me thinking about the cost involved, as well as the inconvenience of driving all the way to Bounce, which is 45 minutes away from my home. I did some research and came across the Lisa Raleigh Rebounder.
I was instantly sold on the idea, so I consulted with my physiotherapist and purchased one, two days later. Once my rebounder arrived, I was initially intimidated, but that same night, I assembled it and tried it out.
After five minutes I was exhausted! I tried again throughout the week and did around 10 minutes a day. Then I decided to put on some wireless headphones, play my favourite songs on repeat and I managed to complete a full 30 minutes with a few intervals. I was ecstatic. I introduced this into my routine three days a week, and I’ve been able to maintain a balanced lifestyle, with less stress and anxiety. Rebounding, has truly been life changing for me, and because I’m more active than I used to be, I’ve been taking less medication!”
- Priya

“My experience with Lisa Raleigh and team has been full of energy and passion. Lisa is truly amazing!”
- Brendan Thom

“Wow! I didn't expect rebounding to be so challenging and so much fun! Definitely one of the best investments (in terms of time, health and money) I've ever made. I have officially run out of excuses not to exercise. I love that I can exercise in the comfort of my home, in my pyjamas and if 5 minutes is all the time I have, 5 minutes on my rebounder is all it takes to feel energised and amped for the day.
Thank-you (Carmen in particular) for your super-efficient service and assistance with the purchase of my rebounder, accessories, and workouts from your online store. Looks like I'm going to have to invest in another rebounder (or two) as the kids have already taken over and claimed mine. Yours in bouncing good health!”
- Lauren Drennan
(Nella & Daniel – rebounding below)

 .   . 

“My husband and I had a scooter accident in Thailand in March 2013. I fell
4 floors over a railway bridge into very dirty water and my leg split open due to the impact from the hit against the curve of the bridge.

I spent 14 days in Phuket International before I could get to a local hospital in Cape Town. I had several debridement operations and had a skin graft at the end of April. It was successful but the skin graft grew onto my tibia, so I struggled with mobility in my foot. I had fat injections which didn’t help, so I decided to see a personal trainer to get my mobility back. Everything went well and I was back to running, doing sports etc.

However, in December 2016, my skin graft opened and didn’t want to close, so I went to see a new plastic surgeon. The only option was to get flap surgery or to stop doing sports. I didn't even consider the latter, so I went for the surgery in June 2017. The operation took 11 hours and ended up being quite complex. When my doctor removed my skin graft, he discovered that I’d lost 2 blood vessels from the accident, which we didn’t know about.
Luckily, I was strong and fit, so the blood vessel I had was bigger than the normal size, which meant my doctor could continue with the operation.

However, I had a setback last year with my wounds. Because my lymphatic system was damaged, I struggled with blood circulation and had to have another operation in October last year (2018). I waited a while to recover and then my husband did some research and suggested I try rebounding. I started slowly but it made a massive difference.

I learned that rebounding helps to remove excess toxins from the body and that anything you can do to naturally detoxify your system, helps you fight illness and prevent future illnesses. Rebounding also boosted my blood circulation which was a great bonus. I can see the results and I am so excited to share my story. The “Lisa Raleigh Rebounder” is certainly the best on the market. I felt the difference and can see that it’s working well with my recovery process.”
- Lizaan Nel

“Love this workout! Good balance between abs and cardio”
- Anneri Carinus

“I’ve never liked any form of exercise but for the first time in my life I look forward to working out. I met with the amazing Lisa Raleigh on the 28th of January 2019 for a full body assessment and started her 10-day Elimin8 programme the very next day.To date, I’ve been to 8 rebounding classes and I have lost a total of 9kg! I feel super energised, my skin is glowing and I just feel great. Thank you, Lisa for changing my life.”
- Stephanie Petersen

“I found Lisa on Facebook just after I gave birth and immediately bought a rebounder to help get my body back. Well, it did a lot more than just that. I had tons of fun in the process and the great thing about a rebounder is that its easily movable – so you can use it in your lounge, garden, bedroom – whatever works best. I usually hate exercising but ever since I got a rebounder, it’s become a part of my life. Thanks Lisa – for this and the great workout videos!”
- Khadija Osman

“I received my Lisa Raleigh Rebounder yesterday and tried it out this morning – wow, it’s amazing! The set up was a breeze and all instructions are easy to follow – I just plugged in the USB to my TV and it was ready to go. There are lots of workouts to choose from and the music really gets you going. After two 5-minute workouts I could feel the resistance working. I can’t wait to try more, work harder and get fit! Lisa is a great inspiration and the count down to the next exercise in each video makes it easy to transition into the next movement without losing focus.”
- Melanie Rode Raasch

“From ordering to the delivery, the service – including the feedback of my order – has been excellent. When my rebounder arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. It is such great quality. I was even more surprised when my husband jumped on it and tried it out. I feel like I can achieve anything. Thank you so much.”
- Chanene Ablett

“I’ve been using Lisa’s rebounder, plus her workouts and they are both great. I used to use a cheaper rebounder but the bounce wasn't as efficient and it started to hurt my ankles. The workouts are great because they all have different time lengths, which means you choose the class that best suits your needs. The customer service and communication is fantastic too!”
- Lerato Kantue

“I received my rebounder and have to say it's totally awesome. I have it in my room in front of my TV and get to do a lot of rebounding. What fun! It’s better than going to the gym and well worth the investment. I also feel so much better.”
- Alinee

“I received my rebounder and workouts and I’m loving being able to exercise in the comfort of my own home. This is theperfect investment in my health and well-being.”
- Nicole Currin

“Great quality rebounder! Quick and easy to set up. Looking forward to trying out all the videos. Going to have to fight off my kids who seem to have claimed it as theirs!”
- Sandy Becker

“I used my rebounder for the first time this morning – after 18 minutes I was finished! I pushed through for the full 30 and stayed in ‘sweaty mode’ for a few hours afterwards. I’m really excited to use it daily and love the fact that I can train at home (and maybe even watch some TV at the same time), unheard of for a working mom of two!”
- Kate Kearney

“I have been using a cheap, entry level mini-trampoline and wasn’t sure if the Lisa Raleigh rebounder would be worth the extra money. I'm so happy I took the leap to make this purchase! The second you step onto the rebounder, you feel the difference. It definitely makes for a far superior rebounding experience with more bounce and less jarring on my joints and my back. Thank-you.”
- Sam

“What an amazing way to turn exercise on its head! I just love how I feel when I bounce – my skin glows, my digestion improves, and it’s a great way to get some high intensity interval training into my day, which is what I was after.
 I love the workouts – thanks for a low impact exercise which offers high impact results!”
- Kelly

“I am a 56-year-old, soon-to-be granny. I love my rebounder because I can exercise in my own time at home. I store it under my bed and it slides out easily for use any time of the day. The videos are easy to follow and very encouraging to keep me going and not give up. My dogs think I’m crazy when I start jumping up and down! I’m sure my daughter-in-law will also want one once her baby is born. I also love the fact that your videos offer variety and length of time to suit my needs. Thanks for bringing the rebounder into my life.”
- Cathrine Hartley

“I love Lisa’s rebounding classes. They are full of energy and fun, it’s such a great workout!”
- Peta Singleton

“Amazing service and communication. I’m so looking forward to bounding myself into summer! I did laugh when my hubby asked if there was a weight limit; I thought he was insinuating something, but when I left the room there he was bounding away! Lisa Raleigh Rebounder for the win.”
- Kirsty Lea Smit

“Excellent service from the online store and Carmen in particular. Wow! What a pleasure. I can't thank you enough.”
- Natasha Lotter

“Lisa’s wellness advice is second to none. It’s amazing and Lisa is very
knowledgeable about wellness and fitness.”
- Ciaran O’Hanrahan

“I got very good service. I’ve had my rebounder for about 6 months now and I still love it – best investment ever.”
- Diane Van Der Merwe

“It was an absolute pleasure, from ordering to delivery.”
- Julie-Ann Manning Waters

“Loving my new rebounder. Great quality and friendly service.”
- Sarah Butler

“I would highly recommend Lisa Raleigh!”
- Chelsea Wade

“Love all your products – from mums and tots to health and wellness. I’ve recently purchased the rebounder and I just love it. The workouts are quick, convenient and I can’t wait until my next workout. 
My toddler even joins in the fun.”
- Lisa Lerm

“I met Lisa in 2011 and she helped me with making health and wellness part of my life instead of a chore. She’s one of the most positive, wonderful people I’ve met and is 100% authentic and kind. I love that you can trust her advice and what she endorses and produces. You can tell that she’s in the wellness industry to help people and she always gives everything she does all of her energy.”
- Nicole Da Silva

“I have been attending Lisa’s rebounding classes in Parkhurst since she started. She has got me hooked on rebounding, but it’s her boundless energy, and the fact that she keeps things fresh by introducing new moves all the time that keeps me coming back for more. I am constantly challenged to work harder, and my fitness levels have escalated in a very short period of time.
Lisa’s approach to rebounding is unique, as she incorporates a variety of complementary equipment to give a full body workout. I love her classes, and I love the fact that it’s the only exercise I need to do.”
- Julie Lindhiem

“I started classes with Lisa a few months ago and I must say, the classes are absolutely amazing – and Lisa definitely makes it! Her endless amounts of energy and lovely nature is just wonderful and she really makes the classes such fun! I have never been to rebounding classes like hers.
They are extra tough and she adds an awesome dynamic of incorporating free weights, balls and bands so it’s a proper hard work out and works your whole body! Love it and highly recommend them! It’s a great class to combine with running or anything else to get you to the next level of fitness.”
- Michele Louw

“I highly recommend the Lisa Raleigh Rebounder for anyone looking to get into shape in a fun and easy way. Lisa also has great workouts, as well as detoxing/cleansing programmes and more available online. The workout videos are great to use in the comfort of your own home too."
- Jessica King

“I found out about Lisa Raleigh and her products at the Decorex Expo and I have been nothing but impressed. Her products are amazing and cater for all types of lifestyles. Lisa has great workouts, which range from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, allowing you to fit in whichever type of workout will suit your day.
I have also been to some of Lisa's classes, which are personally instructed by Lisa and they are great as you get a full body workout. What I love most about Lisa is that she's the true reflection of her products, always encouraging and always ready to give valued advice. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.”
- Ashleigh Hodge

“From ordering my rebounder it took two days for them to send to me from JHB to KZN – they were super fast and efficient. I then also took part in the elimin8 challenge for October and her programme is the best weight-loss one I have been on. Trust me, I have tried all of them – weight watchers etc. and none in the past have worked.
I've already lost 6kg over the last 4 weeks from eating healthy and rebounding every day. Lisa is a very knowledgeable person and passionate about helping others. I highly recommend her and her products – you won’t go wrong! You will be happy with your lifestyle changes.”
- Chantelle Pearson

“Rebounding has been life-changing for me! I love that I can choose between different length workouts from the memory stick, depending on my time availability. It is so convenient to have at home, as I seldom have time to go to a gym with two kiddies and a full day at work. I have been so impressed with the strengthening and cardio benefits, which have definitely helped my hockey game. Love, love, love this product.”
- Chriselda Hillermann

“I'm a runner, which I love, but I’m always looking for new ways to balance my running so that I don’t lose too much muscle and I keep my core strong.
I also do Bikram yoga for the stretch and strength to compliment my running.
I’m very conscious of keeping my muscle mass and tone.
I bought a rebounder so that I have something quick and easy to do at home, as I am lucky to have a busy life of kiddies, my hubby and work. It was originally just for something extra to do but, my goodness, rebounding is so much more and my family loves it too. 
The difference it has made to my body is incredible. I get stiff in places I had forgotten about and my body has changed shape. As much as I'm fit and strong, I had no idea how much work my pelvic floor needed too and it literally improved after a few sessions which is incredible. 
I look forward to rebounding every day. My body improves constantly from my neck, arms, abs etc. I also sleep so well afterwards, which is possibly from the toxin reduction and lymph drainage. Everyone should have one!”
- Colleen Daniels

“First and foremost the quality of the rebounder is super impressive. Secondly, I am loving the fact that even my husband is getting in on the rebounding experience. I love that as a mom, my exercise does not need to take a back seat. Depending on your time, there is a workout for you. I’m such a fan, in fact even my kids want in on the “fun”, not realising all the benefits.”
- Chanene Ablett

“My rebounder arrived so quickly, very impressed. I am loving my workouts, I get shin splints easily but the rebounder seems to be the solution, no sore shins whilst exercising. And it’s so much fun.”
- Linda Schonknecht

“Great quality! Quick and easy to set up. Looking forward to trying out all the videos. Going to have to fight off my kids, who have claimed it as theirs.”
- Sandy Douglas Becker

“Lisa Raleigh’s rebounders are good quality and sturdy, they make rebounding a pleasure. Her videos are so useful and help you to reach your fitness goals, no matter what they are. Her classes in Parkhurst are such fun, she really brings so much energy to the class, which makes you push yourself to work harder."
- Shelley Burt

“I was so impressed that I received my rebounder within two days after ordering – and I live in an outlaying area. I tried it out and am really looking forward to exercising! I just need to teach the dogs not to get excited when I am jumping. Thank you for the phenomenal service. I am looking forward to starting the Elimin8 programme on Monday. ”
- Chantelle Pearson

“I love my rebounder! It’s such a great workout and so much fun! I always feel energised and ready for the day after each session!”
- Shannon Osborne

“Amazing!! 10/10!!! Thank you Lisa Raleigh for this amazing programme and product. I love it so much.”
- Zelda Le Roux

“So excited to start rebounding! Awesome quality and great workouts too, thanks Lisa Raleigh!”
- Theresa Swartz

“Never have I ever enjoyed working out or going to gym, but I fell in love with rebounding. Time wasn’t on my side as I wasn’t able to attend all the rebounding classes. So when I came across Lisa Raleigh’s rebounders and workouts, a spark ignited in me again.
Now that I have my rebounder at home, I work out every morning before work – and my daughter even does a 5-minute cardio workout too. We leave the house with a spring in our step, ready for a new day. Thank you, Lisa and team for your high quality products and services.”
- Nicole Cheri Currin

“Gold stars! Love the posts and motivation.”
- Anna Bester

“I love Lisa’s page. The rebounding and just her whole outlook on life."
- Grizelda Wiggett

“I got a rebounder for my birthday – loving it!”
- Ruanette Bell

“Loving my new rebounder. Great quality and friendly service.”
- Sarah Butler

“My rebounder is amazing! Just had a baby and it’s helping me shed the baby weight – I can see results already! It’s such a fun workout. Loving it.”
- Michelle

“Absolutely loving my rebounder. It’s the perfect form of exercise for me, I can’t use a treadmill as I get shin splints and the rebounder has been fabulous so far, no sore shins!”
- Linda S

“My rebounder is totally awesome. I’ve recommended it to friends, jumping daily and feeling the benefits. This is the discovery of the decade for me!”
- Paige Maddams

“Lisa Raleigh’s rebounder is truly amazing. A wonderful all round exercise routine that makes you feel so energised. I went to my first rebounder class with Lisa two weeks ago and purchased my own rebounder the same day, as I thoroughly enjoyed this fun and unique way of exercising.
The videos from Lisa are also so easy to follow, ranging from 10-50 minutes, therefore accommodating all versatile lifestyles. I can highly recommend all products from Lisa Raleigh.”
- Ashleigh Dajee

“I used to engage in a lot of fitness and exercise all my life, but have found it hard to find time and energy while juggling the roles of business woman, mom and wife. I've never purchased any exercise equipment, but Lisa Raleigh’s Bounce Back programme caught my attention.
I am happy to report that only 15-20 minutes daily on my rebounder has shown tremendous results! I've noticed changes in my body composition and strength after just a few workouts. Lisa shows how practical the rebounder is in terms of time management, ease of use and efficacy. And the great thing is that you don’t have to be in shape when you start. I wish I had a rebounder after each of my pregnancies – I can imagine what an asset it would have been for me.
Lisa is easy to relate to and therefore has helped motivate me to get on my rebounder and go for it! I love her flamboyant pants – I’ve bought myself a few pairs as well subsequently.
Thanks for introducing me to this great way of keeping in shape!”
- Karin McCann

“I just love Lisa’s positive outlook on life and her absolute passion for sharing all things healthy. The one of my favourite things about her is that she tries and tests all her recipes, exercises, fitness gear and restaurants before sharing them with her followers.
I have bought her rebounding exercises and love her enthusiasm in the videos when you ready to give up …. And of course her love for her Bella is just an inspiration to all us moms.”
- Melanie Armstrong

“Lisa couples energy and health with a classy presentation and a high quality products.Shes innovative and yet maitains a human touch .Her love and enthusiasm is catchy – she makes being healthy both desireable and normal”
- Hanlie Raath

“Lisa classes are absolutely phenomenal ! She is a super motivator and so understanding of any issues you might have.”
- Keri Garland-Soldo


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