Sheer Flow Vest | White

R 399.00 R 799.00

Drape yourself in the epitome of summer elegance with Body Kind's Sheer Flow Vest, your perfect vision of lightness, breathability, and unapologetic style. Embrace the sheer beauty of this vest, designed to let your confidence shine through.

Crafted from an incredibly lightweight and breathable fabric, the Sheer Flow Vest is a testament to the freedom of movement and comfort. Its loose, flowy fit not only provides a feeling of unrestricted ease but also serves as the perfect throw-over to accentuate your bralette or sports bra. Your inner beauty deserves to be seen, and this vest lets you showcase it with every wear!

Designed for the spirited woman who appreciates both comfort and allure, the Sheer Flow Vest is your go-to piece for summer chic. Whether you're headed to a yoga class, a brunch date, or a beachside stroll, this vest effortlessly complements your individual style.

Feel the gentle breeze, revel in the comfort, and let your fashion sense flow freely!


Sizes XS S  M L
Chest (cm) 94 98 102 106
Cloth Length (cm) 60 62 64 66
Bottom Hem (cm) 96 100 104 108