Pre-recorded Webinar #25: 20-twenty-Me

R 10.00

2023? …More like 20-twenty-ME! This exciting, informative and insightful 20-Twenty-ME Webinar promises tons of inspiring takeaways, and nuggets of absolutely golden advice, on how to make 2023 YOUR year.

Now that we’ve grown accustomed to the pace of normal life, following the buzz and busyness of 2022, it’s time to learn how to THRIVE while you survive. This webinar touches on it all! From invaluable wellness advice, to developing a resilient mindset and preserving your mental wellness, to awesome fitness tips, and all the “how-to” on sustainable and achievable goal setting and resolutions… We’ve got you covered for setting positive, productive and prosperous intentions for the new year!

In tacking this topic, rebounding expert, Lisa Raleigh – and her husband, Stafford Masie – are joined by award-winning speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Bush, as well as other experts in the relevant fields.

Learn how to start 2023 feeling refreshed, renewed and motivated! Although this webinar is specific to resolutions for 2023, it’s also applicable to setting realistic, sustainable intentions and resolutions for any new year.

Remember, what the new year brings to you, depends on what YOU bring to the new year.