Pre-recorded Webinar #24: Menopause

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Ladies, let’s talk about menopause. It’s seen as such a dreaded part of life for us – which is not necessarily unreasonable, seeing as it comes with a whole plethora of unpleasant physical, mental and psychological symptoms… Menopause also increases a woman’s risk of developing many different health problems, like diabetes, dementia, heart disease, breast cancer and osteoporosis.

Although menopause is inevitable, a healthy lifestyle would undoubtedly ease its symptoms. No matter what age you are, or what phase of life you’re in, you can’t go wrong when you adopt healthy habits, and create optimal conditions for your body to stay as healthy as possible, as you transition out of your fertile years.

This Menopause Webinar unpacks these healthy lifestyle interventions, and provides you with helpful takeaways and insights to do with easing the challenges of aging, and supporting your body as you go through the aging process.

Rebounding expert, Lisa Raleigh, and her husband, Stafford Masie, are joined by various experts in the relevant fields of sexology, gynaecology and homeopathy to unpack and address the topic in an informed and holistic way. Ladies, knowledge is power – so learn more about how to work with your body, accept its natural changes, and age as comfortably and gracefully as possible.


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