Rebounding: A Miracle Exercise Webinar

R 10.00

Rebounding is a modality that Lisa is incredibly passionate about, and has been since she became a mom and first discovered its incredible health benefits. Today, she’s the fittest, strongest, healthiest and happiest that she’s ever been – and can truly attribute this to the power of rebounding.

Yet, so few of you out there know about this miracle exercise that is applicable to EVERYONE, whether you’re 3 through to 103, an athlete looking to improve your performance in your core modality or someone finally ready to make that life change… rebounding is FOR YOU!

Join Lisa for this webinar, where she unpacks, introduces and explains what rebounding is, her own journey with the miracle modality, some testimonies and why every single person should be rebounding And how you can get all those Multiply Cash Back rewards!

In all of her years of experience as a fitness and wellness expert, Lisa can honestly say that rebounding offers one of the most effective, full-body workouts you can do, because it works every single cell and muscle in your body Even NASA says it’s the best form of exercise ever invented by mankind!

To this day, rebounding continues to inspire all of us... Join our webinar for informative, helpful and motivating takeaways that will empower you to bounce your way to better health.

Lisa’s wish, and also the reason why she founded her beloved bounti brand, is for as many people as possible to experience the same life-changing benefits of this miracle exercise… Because us over here at bounti, don’t call it “the miracle exercise” for no reason.