One and Done FOMO Bundle | #1-10

R 899.00

Introducing our incredible One-And-Done FOMO Workout Bundle, consisting of 10 never-before-seen, downloadable workouts from a variety of our bounti Trainers. Why is it called “One-And-Done”? Well, because each workout only uses 1 lightweight, travel-friendly piece of equipment!

Don’t worry – these workouts still give you a well-rounded, comprehensive and super effective sweat sesh, with the trainers using their single accessory of choice, along with your own bodyweight, to work your body from head to toe. Because the equipment is so minimal and lightweight, this One-And-Done Bundle is ideal for travelling and staying fit on holiday!

These 10 workouts consist of the following:

Alternatively, this bundle is also great for those who prefer a workout with fewer pieces of equipment, where you can really focus on establishing that mind-muscle connection while still improving your fitness and strength. You’d be surprised to know that sometimes, when you have fewer accessories to focus on, you actually give the workout more effort, making it more effective!

1 piece of equipment, all the fitness benefits. With our One-And-Done FOMO Bundle, less is definitely more! Just because there’s only “one” doesn’t mean you won’t feel “done”.