bounti Non-Slip Rebounder Floor Mat | Black

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The bounti Non-Slip Rebounder Floor Mat is the ultimate solution to protecting your floors and surfaces, while enjoying the exhilarating benefits of rebounding. Lay it out, underneath your rebounder, and let the magic happen!

Designed with precision and care, this mat is engineered to safeguard your floors from potential damage, stains, and dents caused by the rigorous bouncing motions of your rebounder. Whether you have your rebounder stationed at home or manage a bustling rebounding studio, this mat is your trusty companion, ensuring your surfaces remain pristine while you pursue your fitness goals.

Crafted with functionality and durability in mind, this mat features:

  • A sleek matte-black finish that seamlessly complements any space
  • A generous diameter of 140 cm and a thickness of 4mm, providing ample coverage and protection for your floors
  • The upper surface boasts a smooth, synthetic leather construction, offering a comfortable and supportive platform for your rebounding sessions
  • The bottom is fortified with rubber, guaranteeing 100% non-slip performance, so you can bounce with confidence on any surface
  • Versatile and durable, this multipurpose mat can also be used for yoga, stretching, or floor-based exercises and workouts, enhancing its utility and convenience
  • Created to withstand the weight and pressure of your rebounder without forming lasting indentations, ensuring its durability and resilience over time

Not to mention, this mat’s appeal goes beyond its functionality! Its sleek aesthetic elevates the visual appeal of your rebounding area, making it a stylish addition to your home gym or studio.

Our bounti Non-Slip Rebounder Floor Mat provides reliable floor protection, secure footing, and a touch of elegance in your fitness space. Embrace worry-free rebounding on any surface. It's time to protect, perform, and pursue your fitness journey with confidence!


Customer Reviews

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Chrisna Hogendoorn
Happy Client

I am incredibly happy with my purchase of this BOUNTI NON-SLIP REBOUNDER FLOOR MAT. No more slip on the floor when I do my exercise. A really great product.

Janine La Grange
More please!

This is an absolute must have! It makes a huge difference in protecting my wood floor and my bounti feels stable right through exercise.

Please get more stock, everyone that sees mine wants one too!