Merry Fitmas FOMO #16 - Family Class | Cait

R 100.00

Cait offers fun-filled bounti Family classes for the kiddies and their families! Join her for an age-appropriate session that’s aligned with your child’s developmental milestones. She brings such a youthful, trendy and hip air to each of her bounti classes. These Family classes truly are so much fun, energetic and quirky!

These kid-friendly classes focus on the development of gross fine motor skills, including cognition and language development! They are exciting, creative and incredible for your child’s physical development.

These classes enable your kids to have fun, while improving their:

  • Laterality
  • Directionality
  • Midline crossing
  • Dynamic and static balance
  • Rhythm, sequencing and timing
  • Strength & core strength
  • Flexibility

Come bounce with Cait for some family-friendly fun!