Merry Fitmas FOMO #12 - Advanced | Lisa R (2 rebounders)

R 100.00

Never stop trying new things and challenging your body!

This workout is one of Lisa R’s advanced classes, which includes – not 1 – but 2 rebounders per person. These classes are definitely not for the faint-of-heart. This type of training is very intense, dynamic and challenging.

Adding the extra rebounder increases your unstable surface area, meaning your body has to work doubly hard to make sure you maintain your balance. It also incorporates the often-neglected lateral (side-to-side) movements. All of this strengthens your core and greatly improves your proprioception and spatial awareness… Not to mention the sky-high calorie burn!

It’s important to stay progressing… Comfort is the enemy of all results, so don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits!