Flow Grit FOMO Workout #2

R 100.00

Flow Grit is a 60-minute rebounding class style, progressing you upwards from Lisa R’s usual bounti Flow class style. Here, Lisa teaches you a complete choreographed sequence of gritty strength moves, involving an accessory (usually a 1-1.5kg dumbbell). The routine is first done on the right side of your body first, and then on the left.

In the grand finale, the sequence is pieced together to form a cohesive routine, “flow”ing seamlessly from the right to left. Lisa’s normal Flow classes are cardio-focused, whereas Flow Grit follows the same formula, but involves strength moves! Flow Grit’s sequences also involve less complex coordination, and instead flow from 1 strength move to another, incorporating a weight of some kind for an extra challenge! Flow Grit also focuses more on plyometrics, form and resistance training.

Like normal Flow, Flow Grit improves your memory, focus, fitness, stamina and endurance, while also improving your strength and building muscle. The best part? It’s unisex, so guys, give it a try.

This class also follows the standard bounti workout principles and formula, including a 2-song warm-up, and 2-song cool-down and stretch.

You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect to continue progressing. Comfort is the enemy of growth and progress. Try something new, combat boredom, spice things up and prevent those results plateaus! If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!