Downloadable Air Fryer Recipe Book

R 75.00

“The air fryer “trend” took off a few years ago, and has only gained momentum over time! Cooking in an air fryer is healthier, saves you time and has awakened the creative chefs in many of us! Did you know, air frying cuts calories by up to 70% and presents with far less fat, compared to frying in oil? Using an air fryer also cuts down on other harmful effects of oil frying, such as the production of acrylamide, known to increase the risk of getting cancer.

You can prepare pretty much any food or dish that you normally fry in oil, or bake in the oven. Whole roasts, veggie chips, baked brownies, you name it! We’ve taken some of our classic Lr Kitchen food philosophies and applied the air fryer method of cooking to bring you even MORE reasons to get excited about your favourite kitchen appliance! Oh, and we’re working on a FULL Lr Air Fryer Recipe Book – so watch this space!” Lisa Raleigh