Closed Toe - Sapphire Shimmer

R 199.00

Wearing the correct footwear for rebounding is absolutely critical. Can you ever have too many pairs of grip socks?

These gorgeous Pure Snob Socks provide you with the perfect rebounding and lifestyle footwear solution.

Prioritise your safety, hygiene and comfort with these breathable, sweat-proof, non-slip socks. Bounce with greater confidence, stability and assurance, all while preventing the harmful effects of pronation and eliminating unnecessary strain on your feet and ankles.

While these socks are ideal for rebounding, they’re ALSO super for yoga, Pilates and other workouts, too. Their product design took comfort, practicality and style into account, with various beautiful patterns and colours for you to choose from, including:

Choose your favourite, fabulous pair, and that’s your casual, everyday fitness and lifestyle footwear – sorted!