bounti Zero FOMO Bundle | Workouts #1-8

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Introducing our incredible bounti Zero FOMO Workout Bundle, consisting of 8 never-before-seen, downloadable workouts from a variety of our bounti Trainers. Why is it called “bounti Zero”? Well, because each workout uses absolutely NO equipment!

Motivated to work out, but just not in the mood to deal with a complicated or intricate set-up? Perhaps you’re travelling with only your bounti Rebounder? Or maybe you’re on a budget, and saving up to augment your collection of bounti Workout Equipment over time? Well, for this series of workouts, you only need yourself and your rebounder – no hassle, no fuss! With these sessions all being fully downloadable, once you’ve got them, you don’t even need Wi-Fi connection. Here, “bounti Zero” also means ZERO excuses!

Within this FOMO Bundle, you’ll find workouts from a variety of different rebounding styles, varying time durations, and for every fitness level! Although there’s no equipment, we’ve included something for absolutely everyone. Whether you’re a busy-bee looking to get it all done in a quick Swift Workout, you’re a Pilates princess who adores Sculpt with Steph, you’re a beginner looking to nail the basics, or perhaps you’re a fitness fanatic looking to HIIT it out – you name it, we’ve got it.

These 8 workouts include:

  • Workout #1: Rulene Beginner/Intermediate
  • Workout #2: Lindi Beginner Flow
  • Workout #3: Anika Intermediate
  • Workout #4: Steph Sculpt
  • Workout #5: Jono Swift
  • Workout #6: Cait Beginner
  • Workout #7: Lisa R HIIT
  • Workout #8: Becca Burn

This bundle is also great for those who prefer a workout with no equipment, where you can really focus on establishing that mind-muscle connection while still improving your fitness and strength. You’d be surprised to know that sometimes, when you have nothing else to focus on, you actually give the workout more effort, making it more effective! Zero equipment, TONS of calories torched.

Don’t worry – these workouts still give you a well-rounded, comprehensive and super effective sweat sesh, with the trainers incorporating exercises that use your own bodyweight to work your body from head to toe. What makes these workouts so awesome and unique? Some of the instructors got super creative in using the actual rebounder as an exercise tool and piece of fitness equipment… Think turning your rebounder on its side, upside down, or even using it for bicep curls and donkey kicks!

Zero equipment, all the benefits. Embrace both simplicity and results with bounti Zero!

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Debbie Galanis
Bounti Zero

Love the programmes 🙌💝