Rebounding Shoes | Superhero Soles

R 399.00

Grippy footwear for your rebounding routines. “bounti Soles have sticky bottoms to increase stability while you’re bouncing, giving you increased confidence. Maintaining a hygienic rebounder mat surface is so important. Our bounti Soles ensure that there isn’t a transfer of fungus or sweat. They are comfy, but durable, with an added toecap for both durability and protection. bounti Soles take you to and from your rebounding classes, but they’re great for a quick shopping mission, for the gym, yoga or a beach trip. A hug for your feet when you’re lounging, and a truly comfortable option for air travel.” - Lisa

Sizing: Refer to size chart and note that bounti Sole measurements are in centimeters, and must be matched to the cm of your foot length as measured along the sole of your foot, from your longest toe to the end of your heel.

UK Size Foot Length 
Size 4 - 5 23.7 cm
Size 5 - 6 24.5 cm
Size 6 - 7 25.4 cm
Size 7 - 8 26.3 cm
Size 8 - 9 27 cm
Size 9 - 10 27.5 cm
Size 10 - 11 28.8 cm
Size 12 - 13 30 cm

Please keep all packaging if you need to do an exchange. Delivery for exchanges will be on your own expense.