bounti Boots #5 | 25 minutes | Tertia

R 80.00

6 x bounti BOOTS workouts

From 5 to 30 minutes. This 25-minute session incorporates dumbbells and a body bar, so that you squat deeper and get a better upper-body burn. This session also includes a lot of single leg work to improve your balance, stability and proprioception. It finishes off with a core and glute element on your exercise mat.

Go from brand new bootie, to bounti BOOTS boffin with expert guidance from Tertia D!

The bounti BOOTS workouts begin with getting you comfortable over a 5-minute workout, and progress to full body, 30-min workouts that include dumbbells and a body bar.

They are beginner friendly, and will literally take you through the process of putting your boots on, to becoming a confident bootie.

Don’t let exciting new equipment intimidate you, enjoy the benefits of low-impact training, with all the creative choreography that Tertia brings to your boots!

These boots were made for bouncing, and so are you!