bounti BOOTS

R 3,799.00

This is what your purchase includes:
1 x pair of bounti BOOTS
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Size guide    
Size EU UK/SA size Recommended weight Foot length (mm)
Large EU Size 36-38
36 4
50 (KGs) and below
37 4.5
38 5
38.5 5.5
XL EU Size 39-41
39 6 70-109(KGs)
40 6.5
40.5 7
41 7.5
XXL EU Size 42-44
42 8 90-129(KGs)
42.5 8.5
43 9
44 9.5

“And here you have it…after much trialing and testing…we bring you rebounders for your FEET…or…wearable rebounders!

In a world where you can accept the status quo, try the extraordinary instead. Our bounti BOOTS are the most enjoyable mobile way to take low-impact training anywhere you go. Run without joint pain, and easier recovery, add to your usual rebounding regime, or embrace this as an all-new challenge.

Low-impact exercise modalities such as bounti rebounding, and now our bounti BOOTS, align with my philosophy; Exercise that heals and does not harm. This culminating blend of rebounding and running allows you to go out, have fun and explore, whilst bouncing…a perfect lifestyle combo that ensures active joyous living!

Our bounti BOOTS give you a safe and fun cross-training option, applicable to any level of athletic ability. Take your bounti BOOTS through our progressive class-style bounti BOOT training routines that builds ankle strength and stability. Start with a short “run” and work your way up to a distance that your body enjoys and to which it adapts.

This is “spring in your step” taken to a whole new level! If the surface is safe for a standard running “shoe” then the bounti Boot will be applicable, too. We recommend starting on very even terrain, and on a short and manageable distance. Each boot weighs 1.8kg’s so expect a good workout in these!!

Feeling creative? The bounti BOOTS can be used for activities such as interval sets, track running or plyometric training. Make sure you get a pair for your partner and kids…it’s so much fun bounti BOOT’ing together!

Get your bounce on, and never ever lose your joy of movement!” – Lisa

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