bounti Beat with Tertia | Workout #9

R 100.00
What is "bounti Beat"?
Do you love music, dance and movement? Well, this is all about introducing dance routines on a rebounder! A full body, dance-inspired, 50 to 60 minute class that is so cleverly disguised as FUN, you might forget that you’re also working on coordination and balance, whilst stretching, strengthening and toning! Build the strong and endurance of a dancer’s body. If you’ve reached adulthood and you’re thinking…. When last did I DANCE? Perhaps you’re looking for a great stress outlet for your teenager? Then bounti Beats is it. The incredible Tertia.D will take you through the sequence of each choreographed dance move, using music that really moves you - her music selection is amazing! She adds dumbells, ankle-weights, bars, balls and bands. Feel free, have fun, and work areas of your body that you didn’t know you had!

Who is Tertia.D?
The effervescent Tertia.D brings her special blend of dance experience, yoga, Pilates, bounti instructor background and bubbly personality to the Lr Group, adding yet more depth to our bounti offering. A true dancer, Tertia toured with the Lion King musical for 6 years, and really knows the power of music and dance to bring deep joy and a sense of freedom. She brings a flavour to rebounding we have not seen anywhere in the world and judging by her in-person classes, you are all going to LOVE this!