Zip-Up Set | Black

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Introducing our fabulous Body Kind Zip-Up Sets! This super-flattering set is just SO trendy and classy… 

The matching zip detail on the top and bottoms just adds that extra sassy touch, making this set where sophistication meets style.

This unique, slimming set – available in both a neutral black & warm brown – has form-fitting bottoms that nip, tuck and accentuate all the right areas... The matching crop top is also super secure, and supportive enough to train in!

This set is functional and practical enough for a trip to the gym, but also fashion-forward and dressy enough to dress up. Just pair it a tailored jacket and some heels, and you’re ready for a night out on the town.

Alternatively, pair your Zip-Up Set with some bounti Soles and you’re ready to be the best-dressed at your rebounding class!

“Zip up”, and you’re all “set”!