Black Bungee Studio Deluxe (SA Made)

R 5,799.00

This product includes:

1 X Black Bungee Studio Deluxe Rebounder 

Bungee Studio Deluxe Details:
Height: approx. 33cm
The diameter of the bungee rebounder: approx. 112cm
The diameter of the bungee rebounder Mat: approx. 86cm
Max weight capacity: 160kg
Weight of the rebounder: approx. 10kg

Bungee Studio Deluxe Rebounder Warranties:
Frame: 1 year
Mat: 6 months
Cords: 3 months
Powder-coating and paintwork on the frame: 3 months
Feet: 6 months

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More about the Bungee Studio Deluxe:
"Business health has also been affected over the past 7 months and so many supply chains have been negatively impacted. Due to this, we have decided to make our business supply chain healthier & more resilient - i.e. The big announcement is that we have pivoted to incorporate the manufacturing of our own rebounders here in South Africa. We are very excited to announce the imminent availability of a South African manufactured and hand-made bungee rebounder; The Bungee Studio DELUXE. Yay to more South African jobs, contributions to our economy and personifying incredible South African talent."

SA made bungee value points :
1. Locally produced = local employment = local management. We are committed to building greater resilience and predictability in our supply chain whilst contributing to the South African economy. The benefits all our customers because our pricing remains stable (minimal currency fluctuation impacts) and we are able to produce incremental volumes, with shorter lead times, which will improve stock availability (including spares).
2. Quality African workmanship and environmentally friendly manufacturing; because this is being made in a facility close to our office we have the ability to oversee build quality, meet the individuals responsible for manufacturing (ensure proper work conditions and that they’re happy) and most importantly we can ensure adequate environmental impact assessment. Utilize our incredible South African talents, save the planet and deliver a higher grade of product, is a win-win for us all.
2. Bungee Mat - this mat is SABS approved and thicker - i.e. braided with more threads which means immensely improved durability.
3. Industrial steel brackets - these are the clips that connect the bungees and mat to the outer steel frame - we have designed and engineered these right here in SA.
4. Bungee feet - this time we have placed solid and sturdy 100% non-slip rubber ends on each bungee foot - the rubber is manufactured here in SA and besides minimizing slip and movement of the bungee while you’re jumping, it also improves the overall impact cushioning.
5. Stitching thread and stitching work - all of this utilizing 100% polyester (ensures greater thread strength) and you will notice repeated stitching on the webbing and mat.
NOTE: Because of the thicker mat fabric and the type of stitching the mat has a 3-year guarantee. Most importantly, our manufacturer here in South Africa knows our intense African sun and heat; this rebounder is made to withstand our local conditions.
6. Webbing that holds the brackets to the mat - each of the 36 webbings has a SABS certified load capacity of between 1.3 tons and 2.5 tons! Combined with the steel brackets, improved mat fabric and multiple stitching, this is arguably the most durable bungee rebounder in the world!
7. Steel frame - we are using a thicker steel wall and all the steel is locally manufactured.
8. Bungee cords - all of them are locally produced and of much better quality than most imported rebounders.
9. Powder-coated steel frame - the beautifully smooth surface avoids increased bungee wearing on the frame.
10. Our manufacturer is 100% focused on our bungees - i.e. they’re not a facility distracted by making other products! Additionally, there is minimal automation in the manufacturing process because we want to ensure each bungee rebounder is hand-made.

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* We recommend that you do the Beginners Programme to be able to start bouncing on the right foot! The Beginners Programme is listed on the estore for R1599 BUT if you purchase a rebounder you will only pay R999. Please email with your order number to get the discount code

The video below shows the difference between the bungee and the spring rebounder

*Return policy: If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase- we will refund the full cost if re-packed correctly in its original packaging and returned to Lisa Raleigh in a new, unused condition- within 7 days of your documented receipt of the unit.  Any and all delivery costs incurred to send and return the goods must be paid for by the consumer. This refund excludes any and all courier postage costs (for receiving and returning)- and refunds will not be given if the unit has been accidentally or deliberately damaged or amended in any way whatsoever by the consumer.

*If you choosing to collect this item - please make sure you have checked the dimensions as the rebounder does not fit in standard sized vehicles. If you arrive to fetch it and it doesn't fit, you will be liable for the courier fee to send it to your door.

Please note that your rebounder is never to be left outside or exposed to the elements (i.e. rain, water and extensive exposure to wind, sun or excessive moisture). Your warranty claim will be determined by you providing us with pictures and/or videos, so that we are able to establish the condition of your rebounder. If we establish atmospheric exposure (such as rust, water damage, etc.), we reserve the right to refuse your warranty claim. We will always do our best to help rectify your situation, and are happy to coordinate with our manufacturers in attempting to repair your equipment (at your own cost).

Please note that, should we determine that you have removed or not used the washers for your rebounder feet, used your Bungee Deluxe on a rough surface (such as tar), or that you have left your rebounder feet exposed to harsh weather conditions, we reserve the right to deny your warranty claim. This means that any replacements, repairs or returns will be at your own cost.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cassandra Myburgh
Bungee cords

Sadly, these bungee cords don't last long; I barely bounced on my bungee cause I had injured my back. In the 12 months I had had it, if I had bounced for most of 2 or 3 months and several bungees had frayed and snapped. (I chatted to the ladies at the store about this too and they never came back to me) My sister has only had hers for two weeks, and a cord has snapped. Sad for the amount of money you spend that the quality of the cords isn't great and to replace them is so expensive. Other than that this rebounder is worlds apart from other rebounders you can purchase.

Great rebounder

As depicted. Seems strong. Just make sure to screw the legs on really tight otherwise they start to rattle pretty quickly.

Jo-Anne Leo

The Rebounder is good but one of the screws could not go in and i had to get someone to help me assemble.

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