BELLE Dignity Tights

R 999.00 R 1,399.00

Introducing the Belle Range! “Belle”, also translating to “beautiful” in French, is defined as “a beautiful girl or woman, especially the most beautiful at a particular event”, i.e. “the belle of the ball” – which is exactly how this gorgeous range aims to make you feel. 

As a sub-range under Body Kind, the Belle Range similarly strives to celebrate and empower all who wear it… All of its pieces were created and designed with flattery, sophistication and a sense of understated, yet alluring and striking beauty, in mind. Add power, confidence and class to your workouts – and beyond, as this versatile range aims to take you from Barre to boardroom.

This Belle Range is also comprised of predominantly neutral colours, shades and tones, with the aim of accentuating and magnifying the elegance, poise, grace and refinement of femininity.

Body Kind founder, Lisa Raleigh, has designed and curated every piece, with a combination of her love, attention to detail, and unique flair for fashion (athleisure, in particular)… She also draws her inspiration for the range from her daughter, Bella, who she’s nicknamed “Belle”.

The pieces within this range – which are also locally made, with imported, high-quality fabrics – all have stylish, intricate and feminine detailing, that boast the impressive delicacy that’s truly characteristic of finesse.

These leggings – a stunning addition to the range, combine a supremely comfortable, slimming fit, with luxe-feel compression fabric, and an exquisite design. 

Classic, timeless, bold… “Belle”.


Size Guide Pants Size Hip Measurement
XS 4 - 6 90cm - 93cm
S 8 - 10 96cm - 99cm
M 12 - 14 104cm - 109cm
L 16 - 18 114cm - 119cm
XL 20 - 22 125cm - 131cm