Beginner FOMO Workout #15 | Cait

R 100.00

Join us for an exhilarating beginner's rebounding workout guided by spirited bounti instructor, Cait. This class is the perfect introduction for those new to rebounding or looking to solidify their foundational skills.

During this 45 to 60-minute session, Cait will lead you through a well-rounded routine, combining cardio, toning, strength, and flexibility exercises. Utilising light equipment intermittently, you'll be encouraged to set your own pace and comfort level, making it a fantastic starting point for your fitness journey.

Let Cait's infectious energy and motivational tracks uplift your spirits as you embark on this exciting fitness adventure. Take this opportunity to dedicate some guilt-free time to yourself and revel in the thrill of bouncing towards a healthier, happier lifestyle!