7-Week Rebounding Workout Download Pack | Beginner

R 250.00 R 610.00

Please Note: This workout pack ONLY includes the downloadable rebounding workouts themselves, not the PDF workout plan that lays out the schedule of each of the 7 weeks. You can find the corresponding workout plan for this intermediate workout plan HERE.

Welcome to your 7-week rebounding journey! Congratulations on taking this first step in your rebounding fitness, with with workouts that slowly guide and progress you. Slow and steady wins the race, so don't give up. If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you... So, keep going!

Downloadable Workouts Needed to Follow This Workout Plan Include:

  • 5-minute "Rise and Shine" rebounding workout
  • 5-minute "Express" rebounding workout
  • 5-minute "Cardio Blast" rebounding workout
  • 5-minute "Cardio Queen" rebounding workout
  • 5-minute "Quick Fix" rebounding workout with Freddy and Lisa
  • 5-minute "Quick Sticks" rebounding workout
  • 10-minute Starter Rebounding Workout with Freddy
  • 10-minute Beginner Rebounding Workout
  • 10-minute "Lower-Body Power" rebounding workout
  • 10-minute "Cardio Burn" rebounding workout
  • 15-minute "Jump" rebounding workout with Freddy
  • 15-minute "Ripped" rebounding workout with Freddy
  • 15-minute "Full-Body Blast" beginner rebounding workout
  • 15-minute "Easing In" beginner rebounding workout with Freddy
  • 18-minute "Upper-Body Blast" rebounding workout
  • 18-minute "Lower-Body Love" rebounding workout
  • 18-minute "Tone It Up" rebounding workout
  • 20-minute "Fit and Fabulous" workout
  • 20-minute "Upper-Body and Cardio Burn" beginner workout
  • 20-minute "Tone and Trim" rebounding workout with Freddy
  • 20-minute "Lower-Body Burn" rebounding workout with Freddy 
  • 20-minute "Get Stronger" rebounding beginner workout with Freddy

This workout bundle, priced at R250, gives you incredible value for money, with the value of the workouts bought individually totalling R610. Once your order is placed and paid for, our team will be in touch and your downloads will be sent! For the best results, please download them on your laptop or computer. Happy bouncing! Remember that nothing feels as good as feeling good feels.