7-Week Rebounding Downloadable Plan | Intermediate

R 20.00

Please Note: This downloadable plan ONLY includes a PDF plan, not the workouts themselves. While you can purchase them individually, you can find the corresponding workouts for this intermediate plan in one cost-effective bundle HERE.

Welcome to your 7-week rebounding journey! Get organised with this PDF schedule, where your entire 7 weeks of rebounding fitness are planned out for you. This plan is for workouts at an intermediate level of rebounding fitness, so get ready to take that next step on your fitness journey with workouts that progress you on a realistic scale.

Downloadable Workouts Needed to Follow This Workout Plan Include:

  • 20-minute Upper-Body and Cardio Burn
  • 20-minute "Lower-Body Burn" rebounding workout with Freddy
  • 20-minute "Fit and Fabulous" Workout
  • 20-minute "Get Stronger" rebounding workout with Freddy
  • 20-minute "Upper-Body and Cardio Burn" rebounding workout (beginner)
  • 20-minute "Tone and Trim" rebounding workout with Freddy
  • 30-minute "Bounce Queen" rebounding workout
  • 30-minute "Cardio Blast Beginner Workout" with Freddy
  • 30-minute "Tone Trim" workout
  • 30-minute "Feel Good" workout
  • 30-minute "Full Blast" rebounding workout
  • 30-min Bounce Workout
  • 30-minute "Body Burn" rebounding workout
  • 30-minute "Get Fit" Workout
  • Class-Style Workout #1
  • 30-minute "Be Your Best" rebounding workout
  • Class-Style Workout #2
  • Class-Style Workout #3
  • 30-minute "Accelerate Cardio" workout with Freddy
  • Class-Style Workout #4
  • Class-Style Workout #5
  • Class-Style Workout #6