One of the best ways to enhance your child’s development is to enhance their play. According to Moms and Babes, your bub will thrive in an environment where there is a healthy balance of activities.

The group’s programmes develop the whole child through play. The play activities are designed to enhance babies and toddlers’ physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills.

My experience so far

Bella and I have been going to Moms and Babes for a month now and it’s become one of our favourite pastimes together and something we both really look forward to. One of the top features about the Moms and Babes classes are the outdoor areas that change every week, and the fun activities set up in advance for the babas that are age-appropriate.

A place to bond with moms

I love seeing little Bella flourish while she attends her Moms and Babes classes, as well as how it gives her the opportunity to bond with other moms. It’s a great place to network with fellow-moms. It’s wonderful to share our stories with one another, where we discuss the joys of parenting as well as any concerns we may have. It also helps moms not feel alone and offers us support so we can keep thriving to be the best parents our babies need.

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The details moms appreciate

The fact that the classes are so personal is another perk. When each mom and bub arrive, they’re presented with their own unique box of goods – like a little mat and one’s own area where baby can play and be stimulated. Inside the kit is everything you’ll need for the class for the day. It’s really been so well thought out and planned. Classes are small and intimate so attention to detail is amazing, and each bub and mom gets personalised attention.

The Moms and Babes Workshops I've been to include:

  • Guided play and exploration with age-appropriate toys.
  • Outdoor play, gross motor activities and obstacle courses.
  • Learning easy exercises to do with your baby, to encourage the development of his or her gross and fine motor skills.
  • Activities that improve eye movement, eye focus and eye-hand coordination.
  • Encouraging your baby to discover the fun and joy of movement through music, rhymes and songs.
  • Encouraging your baby to explore textures through messy play and “feeling” experiences which educate the sense of touch, helping small hands become more nimble.
  • Stimulating your baby’s senses, especially the two hidden senses i.e. proprioception and the vestibular sense.
  • Intimately bonding with your baby while learning to do baby massage.
  • Valuable socialising with other moms and their babies.
  • Making simple and effective toys for tiny babies.
  • On hand information articles by Occupational and Physiotherapists regarding your baby’s needs and development.
  • Asking questions and receiving advice or assistance regarding raising a balanced and nurtured baby

The Moms and Tots Group offers the following classes:

Moms and Babes Workshop

An age-appropriate play activity programme developed by an Occupational therapist and Physiotherapist for babies in their first year to enhance development and strengthen the bond between mother and baby. Suitable for babies aged between 2 to 12 months.

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Moms and Tots Workshop

An age-appropriate stimulation programme developed for toddlers to enhance co-ordination and perceptual skills, encourage the love of learning and to enrich the relationship between mother and toddler. Suitable for toddlers aged between 1 to 3½ Years.

Jungle Tots Educational Playgroup

An education playgroup designed to create and enhance learning opportunities for toddlers from all backgrounds. We believe that every child is a flower waiting to blossom and we will ensure their seeds of greatness is realised. Suitable for toddlers aged between 1½ to 4 Years.

To book your Moms and Tots class today, email, or call them on +27 11 469 1530. For more info head to

December 09, 2016 — Lisa Raleigh
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