When I heard about Laser Beautique’s new FaceFit skincare workouts, I was intrigued. A workout for your face? As a fitness fanatic who believes in all the benefits of regular exercise, it makes sense to focus on your face too, not just your body. In fact, did you know that the face and neck have over 50 muscles?
So, why not target them with toning, firming moves too?

Thanks to various hormonal changes, as well as a loss of collagen that comes with ageing, our muscles atrophy and our skin can sag a little. Our skin can also lose that plump, firm appearance, but the good news is, there’s a lot we can do to improve our skin’s tone and texture.

To keep your facial muscles fit, toned and healthy, it’s important to ‘work’ them a little too, which is why I signed up for a FaceFit treatment right away. 

What is FaceFit?

Founder of Laser Beautique Tzvia Hermann, who also developed the FaceFit workouts, says that FaceFit is more than just a facial. It’s a stimulating workout for your face, designed to give visible results in a minimum amount of time. (I noticed an immediate difference in my skin right after the treatment).

These workouts are designed to address a range of skin issues from dehydration to dullness and skin imperfections, with the bonus of stimulating your facial muscles to reveal that healthy glow.

The workouts range from 15 – 45 minutes, depending on your skincare needs and your schedule. I really like this, because I’m always on the go and rarely have time to indulge in a 60-minute treatment.

All workouts include an initial skincare consult, plus a combination of; 
  • Face exercises to increase circulation
  • Muscle manipulation
  • Electrical cleansing
  • Electrical current lifting
  • LED light therapy
  • Near Infrared
  • Radiofrequency
  • Ultrasound
  • CooLifting
  • Needling
You have the option to choose between workout menu level 1 or 2. Level 1 is ideal for those who have limited time because you get to choose between two FaceFit Fast Track workouts (which are only 15 minutes long) and you can add other elements to this workout such as a hydrating masque if you wish.

With level 2, you get a choice between five FaceFit workouts, which are around 30 minutes each. This menu has a workout for every skincare need including brightening, tightening, deep cleansing, ant—ageing etc.

My workout of choice

The FaceFit treatment I chose to have was the Lunch Time Glow because it’s the perfect treatment to combat dryness. I suffer from dryness year-round and am always looking for nourishing treatments and products.  I have also noticed a few fine lines and wrinkles starting to appear around my mouth, nose and eyes, which I’m sure is linked to the time I spend outdoors, as well as my skin’s general dryness.

I also struggle with pigmentation/blemishes which only got worse after my pregnancy, and I wanted to address the dullness I noticed in my skin this winter. Even though I drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet (most of the time), there’s no doubt that my skin needed a boost.  And thanks to the FaceFit treatment, I got just that!

My treatment was really relaxing but stimulating at the same time. I could feel that it was working throughout the session.

What my workout entailed

My Lunch Time Glow workout consisted of a cleanse and exfoliation, lymphatic drainage (using both large and small cupping techniques) and a manual massage which felt incredibly invigorating.

The therapist also used the Beaurejuve machine (which has different LED lights for different reasons). She used red to stimulate my collagen production and blue to stimulate my facial muscles. The machine is really nifty because it uses a micro current to tone and define all the muscles in your face. Apparently, it also helps to relax the jaw – which can get tight if you grind your teeth.

Laser Beautique also sells the Beaurejuve machine for R2,500 so you can purchase your own.  

WATCH these short videos to get a sneak peak of what my FaceFit treatment entailed:

The soothing infrared part of the treatment

What cupping and lymph drainage looks like using a pump

The manual stimulation to boost blood circulation

My verdict?

I really enjoyed this workout for my face and would love to have a few more sessions over the next few months.

I’ve never known an all-over facial-rejuvenation treatment that’s completely painless and without any downtime... until now. I love how this workout tones and firms the skin, but also helps to minimise ageing imperfections such as uneven skin tone, too.

If you opt for the same workout as I had, you’ll feel a rather warm and tingly – but not uncomfortable – sensation as the laser gets to work, stimulating natural collagen production to revive your skin from the inside out.

After just one treatment, you’ll see an immediate plumping effect that will improve over the next few days. I certainly did!

August 19, 2019 — Tammy Jacks