Pre-Recorded Webinar #31: Sleep (in partnership with Biogen)

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Are you ready to unlock the secrets of restful nights, leading to more energised days? When it comes to wellness, rest is an often-underestimated, yet absolutely vital aspect when it comes to your overall health. While it’s important to get enough hours of shut-eye, it’s also important to optimise, not only the quantity, but also the quality of your sleep. When it comes to sleep, there’s so much to learn… And, we’re here to teach!

This webinar, part of our series in partnership with Biogen, dives deep into mastering the art of sleep, providing you with tools and helpful insights to optimise your slumber. Here are the wellness tips that this webinar will unpack:

  • Discover the power of exercise and movement for more restful sleep! Unleash the potential of physical activity to promote deep, rejuvenating sleep. With particular focus on rebounding, learn about the powerful connection between exercise and your sleep quality.
  • Explore the role of nutrition in achieving a restful sleep. Uncover the foods and nutrients that promote relaxation and support healthy sleep patterns. Learn how to nourish your body and set the stage for uninterrupted sleep!
  • Uncover the fundamentals of sleep hygiene, creating a sleep-friendly environment that welcomes tranquility and relaxation. From lighting and temperature to bedding and decluttering, discover the essential elements for transforming your bedroom into a peaceful oasis! Establish a healthy and consistent sleep schedule, and a relaxing nighttime routine.
  • Learn how to manage stress to optimise your sleep! Explore proven techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises that will help you unwind and prepare your mind for a restful night. Say “goodbye” to racing thoughts and embrace tranquility!
  • Discuss what natural supplements are helpful for improving and optimising sleep quality (such as Biogen’s “Sure Sleep”, as well as their “Mental Lift” and “Mental Re-Set”), exactly what ingredients in these supplements have been proven to give you a great night of shut eye, and the importance of supplementation in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle that supports good sleep.
  • Understand the importance of sleep cycles and how to align them for maximum restorative benefits. Learn about sleep stages, REM sleep, and deep sleep, and discover strategies to optimise your sleep architecture.

Join rebounding and wellness expert, Lisa Raleigh, her husband, Stafford Masie, and registered dietician, Carly Seager, as they discuss invaluable insights to take your sleep to new heights and transform your well-being. They are also joined by special guests and other experts in relevant fields to comprehensively unpack this topic. Embark on a transformative experience that will revolutionise the way you rest and rejuvenate.

Finally, get the quality, restful nights of sleep you need and deserve to become your best self in your daily, waking life! Wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised, ready to conquer your days.