BOGA | Yogi Paige #4

R 100.00

Level: All

Are you ready to channel your inner yogi? Immerse yourself in a full mind, body and soul practice that allows you to reconnect with yourself, uplift your spirit, rewind and relax.

boga seamlessly blends bounti rebounding and yoga, in a way that both empowers you, and creates space for you to slow down, breathe and reconnect to everything that you are.

Join ex-ballerina, qualified bounti instructor and highly-acclaimed yoga guide, Yogi Paige, for these 35-40 minute classes, as she brings powerful insights into your own physical and psychological barriers, unlocking your potential as you rewind and reconnect both on and off your rebounder.

Realise the power of the mind and build unbelievable strength with boga! For these FOMO classes we recommend the boga kit, and a high-quality bounti rebounder. Enjoy yoga flow, on your rebounder!