R 1,499.00

This addition to our range of classic black Body Kind leggings: our “BALANCED” Leggings is definitely a gorgeous must-have! They’re a true head-turner, with their one-of-a-kind style including intricate feminine detailing, a distinct touch of white, as well as some edgy mesh.

We named this pair “BALANCED”, not only because these tights perfectly balance the two polar opposite shades of black and white, but also because they’re the perfect staple in the closet of a balanced woman. These leggings are the embodiment of a healthy, balanced approach to everything in life; the equilibrium and harmony that balance brings is something I think us ladies, who are often juggling so many different roles and responsibilities, are all striving towards!

Like Body Kind’s founder, Lisa Raleigh always says; “Balance makes perfect”. When you wear your pair of “BALANCED” Tights, let them keep you motivated and inspired on your journey to achieving and living a life of balance.

The features of our “BALANCED” Leggings include:

  • Make you feel amazing, because they suck and tuck in all the right places, with a super-flattering, thick high waistband
  • They’re our first pair of classic black leggings that incorporate a colour other than black, with ribbed white material down the sides of the legs
  • They also have ribbed black material and black mesh gauze material down the legs to add a touch of unique edge
  • Are made of thick imported compression fabric, that’s breathable in warmer weather and insulating to keep you cosy when the degrees drop
  • Their high-quality fabric is also supportive, slimming and squat-proof with minimal show-through
  • Have a flattering fit to emphasise, celebrate and show off all the beauty of the female body
  • They’re comfortable, versatile and easy to match with anything in your closet
  • Fabric that stretches with you to support your free range of motion, no matter what activity you’re wearing them for

Whether you’re stepping out to your workout class in style or hitting the town on a night out, these glamourous leggings are an absolute wardrobe necessity! Exude confidence, femininity and intrigue with these captivating, fashion-forward leggings.



Size Pants Size Hip Measurement
S 8 - 10 96cm - 99cm
M 12 - 14 104cm - 109cm
L 16 - 18 114cm - 119cm
XL 20 - 22 125cm - 131cm