Yseut Isaac
Studio Name: Body Magnifique Fitness
Area: Boksburg

Passionate about health and fitness! AND rebounding!

My personal weight loss journey started 4 years ago and since then I developed a passion and desire to share with the world, not only what I have achieved but also to say,

“If I could do it so can YOU!”

I totally fell in love with my daily exercise routine and the feeling good factors, that I started to experiment various exercise modalities as I am a true believer in challenges, and this time the only challenge was ME as I did this for MYSELF!

While studying to qualify as a personal trainer I discovered rebounding with Lisa Raleigh as we also entered the 2nd hard lockdown, gym closed, and I felt totally lost and not to mention the bad moods due to no exercise. I missed my endorphins which I call my daily fix!

Rebounding for about 9 months, never felt better, I also reached the peak of my fitness levels and this while having fun with the low impact exercise modality. Being able to do a full body workout in 60 min – Cardio, Strength, Toning, Core, Balancing & Co-ordination.

Knowing and experiencing that rebounding is one of the quickest ways to build muscle, improve overall fitness, increase strength levels and many more benefits, I developed such a passion for rebounding that it became my dream to complete the instructor course with Lisa Raleigh to learn more about rebounding.

Certified Lisa Raleigh Rebounding Instructor, Qualified Personal Trainer and Bounti Academy Member - a dream come true!

I feel honored to be part of the bounti crew and to be a bounti disciple!

Lisa Raleigh, a remarkable mentor & I admire you more than you will ever know, your knowledge in health and wellness has no ending and you have changed my life!

My Studio

“Body Magnifique Fitness”

I would love to have you in a class to share the energy and many benefits rebounding has to offer.

All welcome, sessions are structured to accommodate Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced.

Studio with 5 rebounders, 45-60 min bounti classes, evening classes at 17.15pm and Saturdays at 7am! Based in Boksburg, East Rand, fully equipped with all Lisa Raleigh accessories that will ensure you have the best and challenging rebounding experience.

Be prepared to have fun, work hard and of course sweat! Grant me the opportunity to share my personal experience and knowledge in weight loss and fitness with you to help achieve the results I know you can achieve!

Hope to see you in class soon!

Much bounti love!