Lisa is experienced in hosting and running educational and engaging wellness workshops. These have been offered to varied audiences in a number of settings, from informal ladies lunches and corporate settings to the annual Sharks rugby breakfast. For the past two years, Lisa has been enrolled as the Miss South Africa wellness coach, taking the girls through intensive all-day wellness workshops, covering exercise and nutritional basics, providing them with eating and training programmes tailored to their DNA and helping them with challenges unique to the Miss SA journey, such as healthy eating at a restaurant, training in a hotel room and beauty tips for the big day.

Testimonial 1:
“Being a finalist for Miss South Africa 2017, I was introduced to Lisa whilst attending a wellness workshop in Sun City. In Lisa’s workshop she explained what her training programs and eating plans entailed, and how they should be tailored according to our individual fitness and lifestyle goals. She also answered just about any question we had regarding health and fitness. My body measurements were taken to monitor my progress throughout my journey. The workshop definitely got me fired up to workout more, and eat cleaner!
“I also followed some of the recipes that Lisa gave us. Everything that I tried out was delicious! I managed to curb my sweet tooth by baking healthy bran or carrot muffins and substituting milk chocolate for good quality dark chocolate. I started doing Lisa’s HIIT workouts using my own body weight. The exercises were easy, yet effective and easily got my heart rate up in a short space of time. Suddenly I didn’t need an hour at the gym anymore to reach my fitness goals. I learnt how to work smartly and efficiently, even when in a small area (sometimes in my hotel room) in short spaces of time. I felt so confident and comfortable in my own skin when I walked out in my bikini when competing for the title of Miss SA 2017. I was toned, fit and healthy.
“Thank you, Lisa, for not only teaching me about exercise and healthy eating, but also instilling a healthy mindset and teaching me how to love myself and my body even more!”
– Shané Naidoo, Miss SA 2017 Finalist

Testimonial 2:

I am so thrilled to share with you and your team just how much your wellness workshops have helped me improve the quality of my well being. For a long time I thought that my slender build meant that I could eat anything I wanted and only work out when I thought I needed to. Little did I know that my daily food choices had a huge impact not only on my productivity at work and school, but also on my current and future state of health. Today I have a healthy relationship with my body, meaning that I have a better understanding of how it works and what it needs. I now know that looking good starts from the inside then out, and with my busy lifestyle I am confident that my body is getting all the nutrients, rest and activity that it needs to keep me fresh and strong for each long day. I feel much happier and healthier thanks to everything I have learned and am still discovering from your workshops! The physical results that I see are even more mind blowing! My skin looks healthy, I am built in all the right places and I have very few sluggish days.

Every young woman needs to know what I know and I hope you will reach even more people with your programs.

– Boipelo Mabe, Miss SA 2017 Second Princess
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