“2 years ago, I went from being a mom of 1 to a mom of 3, thanks to the birth of my beautiful twin boys who were born a couple of weeks prem.  I also have an older son who is two years older than the twins.

Since the twins were born, I was constantly on edge about my older son bringing home a ton of germs from school – and infecting my twin babies and that’s exactly what happened.

In their first winter, I had all three of my kids in hospital with the RSV virus within the first six months of the twins’ life. And last year was their second winter, which I dreaded like a disease, and I had one or other of my three boys sick literally throughout the year.

My one twin was on 11 courses of antibiotics throughout the year, his twin brother was on 13 courses of antibiotics throughout the year, and my eldest was on 7 courses of antibiotics through the year. The truth is, one or other child was sick every other week. I knew something had to change and I had to do whatever I could to boost their immune systems.

So, I started focusing more on their food intake – and made sure that they were eating healthy, balanced meals with all the macronutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins and fats at every meal. And towards the end of last year, I came across Lisa Raleigh’s Super Scoop – and read all about it. I decided to give it a try for the boys (and myself) because I wanted to get their micronutrient intake up, as well as their antioxidants. I was so excited to discover that Super Scoop contains all the micronutrients we need, including essential vitamins and minerals, as well as over 50 organic fruit and veggie extracts.

I give Super Scoop For Kids to them daily in a smoothie and I can’t believe the difference it’s made. So far this year, they’ve ‘dodged’ a few illnesses and viruses such as croup, going around their nursery school- whereas last year they would have picked up every little thing. I really do believe that it’s because they’re getting all the nutrients they need through Super Scoop, along with eating a healthy, balanced diet.

I would highly recommend Super Scoop to any mom with young kids. In fact, I’m on a moms WhatsApp group and I’ve told everyone about Super Scoop because it’s been that life-changing for my boys!”

- Danielle Strehler